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  1. Mar 2016
    1. using the rhizome as a conceptual frameworkfor teaching and learning in a MOOC.

      Was the rhizome used as a conceptual framework, or was it a metaphor? (joke!)

    2. Rhizo14 was designedas a connectivist MOOC (known as a cMOOC)

      Is it an rMOOC?



    1. The Arboreal University strangles rhizomes

      YES! It striates. Don't be fooled and think that you can fight this from within.

    1. Participants were encouraged to start wherever they wished, to make multiple connections between each other and with a diversity of participant generated and shared resources, to create their own personal learning maps and content, to engage in multiple different modes of activity, in multiple spaces, and to manage their own learning. A culture of play and fun emerged; many artefacts incorporating poetry, music, personal writings, photography, and art works were produced. A-signifying rupture and lines of flight, if not lines of fantasy, and nomadic behaviours were in evidence.>

      -- http://ajet.org.au/index.php/AJET/article/view/2486/1342

      This is the heart of it for me: the playful exploration with no set boundaries

    2. This graphic is helpful since I continue to be unable to completely grasp the D/G concepts on my own in regards to how I participated in the Rhizo events.