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  1. Mar 2023
    1. Tech-makers assuming their reality accurately represents the world create many different kinds of problems. The training data for ChatGPT is believed to include most or all of Wikipedia, pages linked from Reddit, a billion words grabbed off the internet

      LLMs as a model of reality, but not reality

      There are limits to any model. In this case, the training data. What biases are implicitly in that model based on how it was selected and what it contained?

      The paragraph goes on to list some biases: race, wealth, and “vast swamps”

  2. Jul 2022
    1. While Brave Search does not have editorial biases, all search engines have some level of intrinsic bias due to data and algorithmic choices. Goggles allows users to counter any intrinsic biases in the algorithm.
  3. Nov 2020
  4. Apr 2019