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  1. Jun 2023
  2. Sep 2022
    1. Just turn on Netflix or HBO. Life in the Middle Ages just seems harder: plagues swept the world, dramatic climate change led to food shortages, unstable political power created unpredictable violence, religious prejudice and superstitions were common, and no one had invented a single iPhone. Terrible.

      Why mordern tv series like to describe middle age as a "Dark Age"?

    1. alas! I dread the worst! − Raise me, my maidens; I will, I will seemy Lord. Bear me to him instantly: he is dearer to me even than my children

      Manfred wants to be left alone

    2. whether anyman knew from whence it could have come?

      No one knows where this comically large helmet came from

    3. he beheld his child dashed to piece

      The Prince of otranto has a father, manfred and the queen his mother and was preparing to get married to matilda then the day of the wedding he is killed by a comically large helmet