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  1. Sep 2022
    1. But most of humanity—not just medieval people—lacked the ability to fight infections or even under-stand how they spread for much of history. England during the Renaissance suffered regular deadly outbreaks of plague, smallpox, syphilis, typhus, malaria, and a mysterious illness called “sweating sickness.” Upon contact with Europeans, upwards of 95 per cent of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas were killed by European diseases. Plagues even rav-aged the twentieth century: from 1918–1920, half a billion 14 / The Devil’s Historianspeople were infected with the Spanish Flu global pandemic, which killed between 50 and 100 million people. And let’s not forget that we are currently living with the global pandemic of HIV/AIDS

      Maybe people in the future will see today as the dark ages becuase of the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic So it is biased to call the middle ages as "dark ages" when the level of science during the middle ages cannot heal or prevent people from the infection of plagues such as the "black death".

    2. Around 1439, Johannes Gutenberg introduced the moveable-type printing press to Europe, giv-ing average people access to books that had previously been available only to scholars or the wealthy.

      The new forms of media boost the speed of spreading new thoughts across Europe.

    3. Just turn on Netflix or HBO. Life in the Middle Ages just seems harder: plagues swept the world, dramatic climate change led to food shortages, unstable political power created unpredictable violence, religious prejudice and superstitions were common, and no one had invented a single iPhone. Terrible.

      Why mordern tv series like to describe middle age as a "Dark Age"?

    4. 9The Middle Ages are at the root of all our contemporary “hot” problems, and it is not surprising that we go back to that period every time we ask ourselves about our origin.—Umberto Eco, “The Return of the Middle Ages,” 1986

      Why middle age has the root for all out contemporary "hot" problems when it is one of the worst period in europe history?

    5. There’s the one you probably know, in which the brothers Romulus and Remus—raised by a she-wolf and favored by the god of war—battled to the death for control of the city they founded. But another version was that Rhome, a Trojan woman who fled the destruction of Troy with other survivors, got tired of sailing around and talked everyone into settling in Latinum.

      Why Augustus afraid of the power of women since the roman myth states that the brothers Romulus and Remus raised by a shewolf and the city of Rome is built by a Trojan woman?

    6. He also banned women from attending gladiatorial fights and athletic events to keep them “pure,” even exiling his own daughter and granddaughter for “vice.”

      Why women banned from gladiatorial fights when Julian marriage laws listed that adulterous women can be killed by fathers or either exile?

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