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  1. May 2020
  2. Mar 2017
    1. every time we try to do something, within the system … it doesn’t seem to work for us, as Indian people

      Chief Jim Antoine was the Chief of the Liidlii Kue First Nation. At this time he had been Chief of these people for a year. The Liidlii Kue people had a lot of issues with the white people and the way they treated their land and treated the Liidii Kue people. The Liidii Kue people were against the pipeline and they tried to follow appropriate measures to make their voices heard. Chief Jim Antoine would speak out about the issues the Liidlii Kue people felt passionate about. Due to the racial tensions in Simpson, the tension was often taken out on Chief Antoine every time he spoke out. Because of Chief Antoine’s efforts the nonnatives attacked him for attempting to speak out on behalf of his people. The Liidlii Kue people are so frustrated with their efforts to be heard, being shut down, that they were at the point where Chief Antoine was ready to work on changing the system in order to create respect for the Liidlii Kue people on their land.

      Proceedings at Community Hearing. Proceedings of Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry, Fort Simpson, NWT. Vol. 26. Burnaby, BC: Allwest Reporting Ltd, 2003. 1-111. Accessed March 5, 2017.