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  1. Jan 2023
    1. 个人学习可能取决于他人行为的主张突出了将学习环境视为一个涉及多个互动参与者的系统的重要性
  2. Jul 2018
    1. Kahneman concluded his aforementioned presentation to academics by arguing that computers or robots are better than humans on three essential dimensions: they are better at statistical reasoning and less enamoured with stories; they have higher emotional intelligence; and they exhibit far more wisdom than humans.

      A little over-the-top?

    2. But, while Kahneman calls for large-scale replications of priming studies, the argument here is not that we need more studies or data to verify that people indeed miss blatantly obvious gorillas. Instead, we need better interpretation and better theories.

      More data vs more theories

      Humans are biased by our theories (though not totally). But isn't that the goal of science, to collectively question our assumptions and experiments? We need to attempt to falsify our theories not only by questioning the experiments and repeating them, but also by questioning the theories used to interpret data.