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  1. Jul 2020
    1. A moderator provides motivation and inertia to an asynchronous computerconference, encouraging interaction between participants while creating asupportive and comfortable environment for discussion.

      So re-starting the conversation where it might have stalled. This might require asking questions or possibly adding on to the topic. In other places, the same process of questioning something might cause people to slow down. You can say, let's reflect on the statement, or can we have a source and maybe interpret this in another manner?

    1. Writing Process

      Useful strategies on what makes for a better writer.

      For me:

      • Emails
      • Bug reports, tickets.
      • Research
      • Journals

      Get comfortable and minimize distractions.


      1. Make a timeline
      2. Select a topic
      3. Create an outline

      Video Example:


      Note: Write down your goals and your progress as you go so you can make revisions for the next time you write.


      • 5 high quality sources => Take notes and outline your writing.


      Good outlines make for good quality writing. Maybe show the outline?!

      Topic sentences... which would be the questions you had and how they are answered by your research.

      Research Pointers Head to the source

      Does the content of this site pass by an editor before I saw it? Is the person that wrote this credible?

      Take good notes and add to the outline. You might update your outline as well.

      Write the bulk of your post for the rough draft.

      Start setting goals for each sections. Look at the notes and re-arrange sentences. Write something down, no matter how bad the effort.

      Talk yourself out-loud, give yourself encouragement, and while writing constantly monitor your progress.

      After finishing your draft, you are way too attached to it, so sleep on it.


      Does the order make sense?

      T.opic<br> R.easons<br> E.xamine<br> E.nding

      D.evelop a topic sentence<br> A.dd supporting ideas.<br> R.eject opposing arguments.<br> E.nd with a conclusion.

      Drill down into the paragraphs and sentences and look at them closely.

      MY biggest problem is "how do I diagnose the problem in the first place?"

      Add images, figures, and formatting at the end.

      Finally, proofread the post to make sure everything is done. After you read it, have a friend read it.