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  1. Dec 2021
  2. Feb 2018
    1. . Literature on theme studies and inquiry cycles Language Arts, Vol. 82 No. 5, March 2005 (Fisher, 1998; Gamberg, Kwak, Hutchings, 8t Altheim, 1988; Short 8t Burke, 1991) helped me transform my curriculum from themes about teddy bears and applesauce to in- quiry cycles where the children asked questions pertinent to their worlds. Questions surfaced about the house that was being demol- ished and rebuilt across from the school. When spring came, it rained and rained and eventually caused major flooding. Nature gave us in- credible reasons to investigate our world

      Connecting lessons and concepts to concrete things that children are familiar with helps them understand it better. It goes from feeling foreign to feeling understandable and important.

    2. On the following day during writing workshop, I pull my chair up along- side Aaron, and we decide to write a story together about our experience. When we share our story with the rest of the class, many more chil- dren are prompted to share stories from their worlds- stories of Sandra's next-door neighbor who raises 200 birds and of Manuel's grandma who had a runaway tamale!

      Students sharing their stories in the classroom is so important. It helps build a sense of community of learners who care about one another on a deeper level than just being classmates. They can understand what their life outside of school is like, and it expands their view of the world. It not only helps them get to know their classmates better, but it helps them learn about certain things that they may not even know were happening or existed. Not only this, but it provides students with an environment in which they feel safe and comfortable to share these stories about their life with everyone.

    3. "He is doomed to failure."

      This, as well as the others before it, is a phrase that should never be said about a student. No student is ever doomed to failure. Even if their home life is not perfect, they can still excel. If teachers have this mindset, then of course their students will not do well. They need to provide an environment for students where phrases like this do not exist. Aaron was demonstrating great literacy skills that his teacher did not even realize he had, so it is not fair to say that this home environment he was in makes him doomed to failure.

    4. Aaron comes over and whispers to me that it is a good thing that I am teaching him to read because they need him to read a lot here at the bar.

      Although she saw him as a struggling reader, in his environment, he is great at it. This is because he is able to apply it to things he knows. He is using reading in a way that he believes is useful and helpful, so it comes easily for him there. As teachers, we need to implement this in our classroom. We need to integrate their home life and community in our classroom.

    5. hat every child who comes through the classroom door becomes our tea

      This is so important! Teachers should learn from their students just as much as they learn from us. This is important for students to understand as well. Learning is a two way relationship.

  3. Sep 2017
    1. As the reproductive system awakens to activity it naturally attracts the attention of the girl, and an effort should be made to call her thoughts to other themes.

      Discussion of hysteria in girls, making sex taboo for girls and also stating that there are "other things" that they should be taking care of. What would the view towards men's sexual development be?

    2. It is unfortunate that girls generally have the idea that it is not modest to think of marriage further than the ceremony.

      This is now the era where a woman thinks past the ceremony of marriage and about the possibility of future children; because of this, it is now the woman's responsibility as the one who actually bears the children to make sure that they are not messed up genetically and educated correctly.

    3. But she has the power to decide what shall be the paternal ancestry of [213]her household; and if she is duly impressed with the responsibility of this power, she will not allow herself to fall in love and marry a man of whose family she knows nothing, or knows facts that do not promise well for posterity.

      This is also the idea that the poor chose to be poor. If the women did not choose to marry poor men there would not be poor children.

    1. Here we go round the prickly pear     Prickly pear prickly pear     Here we go round the prickly pear     At five o'clock in the morning.

      The repetition here demonstrates the hollow man's ardent search for any form of relief from his hopeless condition. The speaker always feels that he is on the verge of entering into a greater hope, but instead finds himself going in circles.

  4. Mar 2016
    1. But thy eternal summer shall not fade,

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    2. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

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