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  1. Apr 2023
    1. Immediately before stepping on stage, he suggests using the tip of your right pinky finger to find the upper end of your trousers zipper. If your fingernail clicks against the zipper’s metal pull-tab, then you are safe and ready to make your entrance. If your pinky slides in up to your knuckle, however, then you have to XYZ PDQ (eXamine Your Zipper, Pretty Darn Quick)!

      Harry Lorayne used a pinky check, in which he used the fingernail of his pinky finger against his the pull-tab of his zipper to ensure his fly was closed, every night before appearing on stage to prevent embarrassment and to maintain credibility as a memory expert.

      MAGIC MENTOR MONDAY: Harry Lorayne - Chamber Magic<br /> by Steve Cohen

    1. Seeking to keep Mr. Jory entertained, he idly tossed off a stunt in which he recalled the location of all 52 cards in a shuffled deck.

      Harry Lorayne, having run out of card tricks to entertain actor Victor Jory one evening, invented a trick in which he recalled the location of all the cards in a deck of playing cards. The feat so impressed Jory that Lorayne made it part of his magic act in the Catskills.

    2. “My father stopped hitting me for my grades,” Mr. Lorayne told The Chicago Tribune in 1988. “He hit me for other things.”
    3. “They were professional poor people,” he told an interviewer, invoking his parents. “I remember having a potato for dinner.”
    4. Mr. Lorayne’s attainments are all the more noteworthy in light of the fact that he grew up in poverty, struggled academically as a result of undiagnosed dyslexia and concluded his formal education after only a single year of high school.Image

      Harry Lorayne struggled in school because of dyslexia which wasn't noticed or as well understood at the time. As a result he dropped out of high school after his freshman year.

    5. Mr. Lorayne did not claim to have invented the mnemonic system that was his stock in trade: As he readily acknowledged, it harked back to classical antiquity. But he was among the first people in the modern era to recognize its use as entertainment, and to parlay it into a highly successful business.

      Harry Lorayne recognized the use of mnemonics as a form of entertainment and parlayed it into a career. Others before him, primarily magicians like David Roth had paved the way for some of this practice.

    6. He was 96.

      Harry Lorayne passed away on April 7, 2023 at the age of 96.

      Is there a link between memory training and longevity?

    1. Good afternoon, just wondering why didn’t Harry Lorraine include a memory palace in his memory techniques?

      A solid question for which I have an historical answer, though working through some of the finer historical details may be a worthwhile exercise.