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  1. Jan 2023
    1. the development of media technologies and their global distribution have long since made usfamiliar with the idea that we ourselves are media.

      This claim relates to later statements about humans being in the middle (like medium thinking as media being both an infrastructure of how we act and are) of the pandemic mediation in that humans are part of the process of transformation and intersection between themselves and other nonhuman powers. I think intersection in this instance is more of a cooperative and cohesive existence with nonhuman and human entities that naturally intersect.

    1. arguing that intimacy should hold space for strangeness, where all beings canbe their full selves, however incomprehensible those selves may be to others

      The concept of intimacy here provides an alternative response to our "instinct" or tendency to distance ourselves from the things we find strange. Rather than fleeing from the strange thing, one makes intentional, deep contact with it.

    2. o ignore or deny the ways we see ourselves inanimals might enable our exploitation of them, such as through factory farms.

      The claim furthers the later points about humans empathy and anthropomorphism as a an appreciation practice towards incomprehensible objects or things. While humans inclination again may be to oppose those things, it creates a sense of reverence towards their "otherness" if you will.

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      This claim of the sensors data and monitoring of the common planet creates a sense-able Earth digital planet which requires a review of how environmental data and monitoring might arrive and exhibit different planetary inhabitations and relations. Thus these sensors express how observation practices are both experiences of the Earth and expressions of how to collectively inhabit Earth. This kinda of relates to Imbler's idea of collectively actively inhabiting the Earth through anthropomorphism.

    1. as though one were looking at the cosmos from afixed perspective, but rather to capture the temporal unfolding of a visualawareness that unites us with the cosmos in the very moment that it dividesus from ourselves.

      This claim of the art capturing the temporal unfolding of a visual awareness that unites us with the cosmos in the very moment and divides us from ourselves furthers his later statements on the art both opening the visual field that (in the instance of the stars in the painting) gives the atmosphere of the sky as long as it merges with the field of the viewer or artists attention connecting ourselves with the cosmos.