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  1. Nov 2017
    1. We (had we ever been given the opportunity) would have created the business proposition very differently.
    2. access to the top researchers in the field
    3. I think that universities (especially the 'elite' universities) have lost the plot when it comes to their value proposition (or, at least, what they tell the world their value proposition is).

      In some ways, the strongest indictment of the MOOC hype.

  2. Apr 2015
    1. 2. Is it reasonable to compare the costs of xMOOCs to the costs of online credit courses? Are they competing for the same funds, or are they categorically different in their funding source and goals? If so, how?

      MOOCs is a community service for which, I expect, every university has a budget. It is the universities' moral obligation to serve the interested groups\communities\society with MOOCs. It is mutually beneficial - the universities get their brand, research and teaching practices distributed, while the public shares with them personal data and comments, and opinions (which are extremely costly, compare this with the cost of those massive public opinion surveys conducted prior to the election campaigns, or market research) ... Hopefully the universities and academia can add ethical rigor to the way the big massives of private data is used.

    2. it is difficult to see how publicly funded higher education institutions can develop sustainable business models for MOOCs;