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  1. Nov 2019
    1. Those experiences, plus the work of Malcolm Knowles and Margery Ginsberg and research into the role of technology in adult learning, helped me understand that it is essential to provide that same type of engaging learning experience when considering professional development through e-learning.

      The journal article by S. Farris provided a comprehensive review of the core components to include in the design of an online learning initiative- based off her experience and data collected from courses implemented earlier in her career. Farris reviewed tools to incorporate into the design such as pre-assessments for learners to determine skill levels and other tools such as troubleshooting technology-based issues. The crucial information provided in the articles was covering core strategies on how to include group collaboration that is typically associated with in-person learning. However, Farris reviewed strategies of incorporating tools, such as discussion board, VoiceThread for discussions, group project, and more. Farris reviewed effective technological tools to leverage to incorporate the group and collaborative dynamic. (Rating: 8/10)

    1. The Higher Education Supplement to the NETP — a separate, complementary document —builds on the principles described in each of the NETP’s five sections-- learning, teaching, assessment, and infrastructure-- examining them in the context of the higher education eco-system. It examines the role of technology in serving an increasingly diverse and dispersed stu-dent body that is growing and evolving in size and composition and discusses the various ways that technology can enable system- and ecosystem-wide applications of collaborative solutions to systemic issues of access, affordability, and completion.

      The document developed by the Office of Educational Technology provides various instructional tips for educators and facilitators in managing different tools for online learning environments. The text also provides example of how the tools can be implemented and provides general case studies of agencies that have implemented. The content outline is useful to know as it provides context on how to implement within the digital classroom. (Rating: 8/10)