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  1. Jun 2023
    1. it's about that we have no way of making sure that it will 00:19:25 have our best interest in mind
      • If AI begins to think autonomously,
        • with its enormous pool of analytic power
        • and if
        • it begins to evolve emotions of fear
        • and it feels humans pose a threat to it or the rest of the natural world
        • it could act against human interest and attempt to destroy it
        • If AI is able to control its environment
          • either coupled with robotics,
          • or controlling human actors
        • it can harm humanity and human civilization
      • Interview with Mo Gawdat
        • former Google chief business officer
        • warning about the existential danger of AI
        • including why he claims that AI is
          • intelligent
          • conscious
          • and will soon feel emotions such as fear
            • and take steps at self preservation
  2. Oct 2019