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  1. Dec 2022
    1. By Brad J. Cox, December 06, 2004

      NB: the footnote at the end indicates that this was originally published in Byte Magazine (October 1990). By a reasonable guess, the 2004 date here is when this online copy was published to drdobbs.com?

  2. Sep 2022
    1. (I feel like I tweeted about this and/or saw it somewhere, but can't find the link)

      visible-web-page looks to have been published and/or written on 2022 June 26.

      I emailed Omar a few weeks earlier (on 2022 June 7) with with a link to plain.txt.htm, i.e., an assembler (for Wirth's RISC machine/.rsc object format) written as a text file that happens to also allow you to run it if you're viewing the text file in your browser.

      (The context of the email was that I'd read an @rsnous tweet(?) that "stuff for humans should be the default context, and the highly constrained stuff parsed by the computer should be an exceptional mod within that", and I recognized this as the same principle that Raskin had espoused across two pieces in ACM Queue: The Woes of IDEs and Comments Are More Important Than Code. Spurred by Omar's comments on Twitter, I sent him a link to the latter article and plain.txt.htm, and then (the next day) the former article, since I'd forgotten to include it in the original email.)

  3. Aug 2022
  4. Jul 2022
    1. i mean i have a whole speech about that


      Blow: I mean I have a whole speech about that that I can link you to as well.

      Should that be necessary? "Links" (URLs) are just a mechanical way to follow a citation to the source. So to "link you" to it is as easy as giving it a name and then saying that name. In this case, the names are URLs. Naming things is said to be hard, but it's (probably) not as hard as advertised. It turns out that the hard part is getting people to actually do it.

  5. Jun 2022
    1. Okay, so the original source seems to be Proteus (A Journal of Ideas). ~~Specifically, vol. 3, iss. 1.~~ (Thanks to Nikos Katsikis by way of Neil Brenner for helping track this down.)

  6. Jul 2021