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  1. Jul 2023
    1. we now have a decade—if that—to achieve a dramatic redirection of thehuman course as a now globally interdependentspecies.
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        • We are already, in fact a highly interdependent species.
        • We are so specialized that if the precarious system were to fail,
          • few have the breadth of knowledge to survive, much less thrive on their own.
        • The key shift that is required is therefore not from a siloed to an interdependent one as it is from
          • an unhealthy and exploitative interdependence to
          • a healthy one based on holistic wellbeing
      • for: ecological civilization, climate emergency, climate EMERGEncy inner/outer transformation, eco civilization, rapid whole system change

      • Title

        • Ecological Civilization: From Emergency to Emergence
      • Author
        • David Korten
      • Date
        • May 25, 2021
    1. you may have seen last week that the global carbon budget to 00:11:43 have a chance of holding 1.5 was cut by half so no longer 500 billion tons of carbon dioxide but rather 250 billion tons of carbon dioxide remaining to have a chance of holding 1.5 that's only like 00:11:56 six seven years under current burning of fossil fuels so an orderly phase out means that we really need to start bending the curve immediately and reduce emissions by in the order of six to seven percent per year to have a net 00:12:09 Seer World economy between 2014 and 2050
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