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  1. Nov 2023
  2. dat-ecosystem-archive.github.io dat-ecosystem-archive.github.io
    1. Multi-writer will allow Dats to be modified by multiple devices and multiple authors at the same time. Each author will have their own secret key and publish a Dat with their data in it. Multi-writer fuses all of these separate Dats into one “meta-Dat” that is a view of everyone’s data combined
    1. Partially ordered event-based systems are well placed to supportsuch branching-and-merging workflows, since they already makedata changes explicit in the form of events, and their support forconcurrent updates allows several versions of a dataset to coexistside-by-side.

      Event-based systems allow for divergent views as first-class citizens.

    2. in Git terms, one user can create a branch (a setof commits that are not yet part of the main document version),and another user can choose whether to merge it

      Users are empowered to create composed views out of events of their choice.

      I.e., collaboration as composition.

      I.e., divergent views as first-class citizens.