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  1. Feb 2017
    1. s, and characters from the fictional story world, in ways that powerfully resonate with fans of the series. Participants are mobilized as “Dumbledore’s Army of the real world” in campaigns such as Not In Harry’s Name which pressures Warner Brothers into using Fair Trade chocolate for its Harry Potter Chocolates.

      Fair trade chocolate is a topic that i recently learned about after a long discussion with my sister. It essentially is a Standerd that certifies that the chocolate is not made from plantations that make children and work under unfair conditions and wages.Its amazing how they were able to stand up to cooperates to a issue that most people are not even aware of, Great Work

    1. Genocide Prevention We’ve raised thousands of dollars to protect thousands of civilians in Darfur and Burma.

      They literally saved thousands of lives and i don't see it in there front page or anywhere in their bio in the description, like your hidden trophy that if people want to find it they can but you don't bother to show off because its so great its priceless. I truly admire that.