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  1. Feb 2017
    1. The blackness of memes goes deeper than their contents, which is why they can’t be seen individually. Laur M. Jackson points out that memes are also black in their survival tactics, that the ways they mutate and twist and split and circle back on themselves embody the already established trends of black cultural production and circulation. “Memes not only contain components of Black language, gravitate towards a Black way of speaking,

      This whole paragraph Seems to get very deep, but i cannot understand why they use words like "survival tactics" i can pass the rest of the paragraph as understandable but that seems a little much, doesn't it?

    2. #relatability, an ability to provoke a feeling of identification in the viewer. It is conceptually linked to the French même, which can be used to mean “same.”

      1.) #Relatable in itself is a meme, 2.) i really do like how they added the defention of meme and its orgin, i was aware that it was french because theres no way the west would miss out a opportunity to pronounce them as me me's.

    3. Black people love social media, and social media love black people.

      In all honesty, I know im gonna dislike this whole article after the first sentence.Who dosent love social media? This sentence could have been worded in a better way as well.

    1. labels contact YouTube and demand his videos be taken down

      Thats a very fair play on youtube's part. Youtube does not want to get sued by the label company, and the rights of the song does belong to the label artist and they did not give approval for the artist to use their property.

    2. Part of the reason the originators of viral content are stripped from their labor is because they don’t technically own their production

      that also is not technically true either. YouTube host your content and if you partnership with them then both of you are co owners, however, saying host companies own them is incorrect either because it falls under public domain.

    3. there is no recognized ownership.

      That's the cost of growing viral too quick, people cannot recognize who you are.

    1. reality we acknowledgeis that schools are being pushedinto blocking access to manysites and Web 2.0 tools becauseblocking is the simplest and surestway of avoiding potential litigation.School principals worry aboutcostly lawsuits involving privacyor harassment, and school boardsdread hearing from offendedparents who object to sexuallyexplicit or religiously divisivecontent.

      This makes a lot of sense, I can see why schools blocked them now, and cant really fault them for that. You cant simply just sign a wavier saying i wont be bullied online and a school cannot say "sign this so we dont get sued".

    2. many schools and schoolsystems block access to some of thekey platforms, such as YouTube,Facebook, Twitter, or Livejournal,where participatory culture takesplace

      i understand why they blocked Facebook, but a lot of the things we needed to learn were blocked, Sometimes making it impossible to do our project at school.

    3. you were to overhear this real-life conversation in your school,what would be the right way toreact?

      This brings me back to High school,it Reminds me of a quote by Tom Scott "Once one student learns how to bypass the firewall, the whole school does".Although The way we did it wasn't by steeling a administers information, it was by understanding how the schools firewall work.

    1. s, and characters from the fictional story world, in ways that powerfully resonate with fans of the series. Participants are mobilized as “Dumbledore’s Army of the real world” in campaigns such as Not In Harry’s Name which pressures Warner Brothers into using Fair Trade chocolate for its Harry Potter Chocolates.

      Fair trade chocolate is a topic that i recently learned about after a long discussion with my sister. It essentially is a Standerd that certifies that the chocolate is not made from plantations that make children and work under unfair conditions and wages.Its amazing how they were able to stand up to cooperates to a issue that most people are not even aware of, Great Work

    2. act like the heroes that they love by acting for a better world.

      I feel so inspired by these words. It reminds me of the those posters that say change begins with you, Words that if you woke up to in the morning you wouldn't feel mad that you woke up early and inspire for greatness.

    1. Genocide Prevention We’ve raised thousands of dollars to protect thousands of civilians in Darfur and Burma.

      They literally saved thousands of lives and i don't see it in there front page or anywhere in their bio in the description, like your hidden trophy that if people want to find it they can but you don't bother to show off because its so great its priceless. I truly admire that.