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  1. Dec 2023
    1. I you know think this is important in the kind of what the left postur is to regime break to system breakdown which 00:35:27 experiencing has to be anti-regime let
      • for: Lessons from COVID

        • Left position to avoid driving masses to the hard right
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        • i think this is important in the kind of what the left posture is to regime and system breakdown which it is experiencing has to be anti-regime
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        • otherwise the anti-regime forces go to the hard right and
          • if the left follows the left wing of the management state which is trying to technocratically limit the catastrophe of breakdown,
          • it will never get popular support that's basically what happened during COVID.
            • the hard right denied science, the left went begging the administrative state and as a consequence, there was a massive expansion of the right around the globe
  2. Mar 2016
  3. Feb 2016
    1. he slogan “For the Win,” accompanied by a turgid budgetary arrow and a tumescent rocket, suggesting the inevitable priapism this powerful pill will bring about—a Viagra for engagement dysfunction, engorgement guaranteed for up to one fiscal quarter.

      I agree that this is a false promise, at least an exaggeration.

      This idea of magic recipes to success or greatness is not new though. A couple of examples [The Toyota Way] The GE way

      hmm I wonder if he knows where the expression "For the Win" comes from. I didn't until I took the Gamification course and then started noticing it in Warcraft.