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  1. Feb 2016
    1. So you have to treat them like they are very special.  Give them everything they want, almost as if they were ordering a custom application.  You may have to implement special features just for them.  You may have to give them substantial discounts.  You should visit their site and meet them in person.  You may have to install your product for them. 

      Desde esta perspectiva de "mercadeo", esto ha venido pasando con grafoscopio, en alguna medida, aunque estamos en la fase de adoptadores tempranos. Esta visualización fue hecha con un "esfuerzo extra" para una "pragmatista en sufrimiento" que no estaba interesada en Smalltalk, pero si en las visualizaciones. Creo que allí hay una población grande de personas que podrían estar interesados en grafoscopio y eventualmente en aprender a programarlo y extenderlo.

    1. But mature languages can't change easily if at all. This situation is described in theory of frozen evolution. Basically the evolution of language is similar of the evolution of a new specie. Evolution happens in short burst when the new language(specie) is created. In this period language design is plastic, there are few if any users, little amount of code and libraries and the community consists of enthusiasts. This short period of plasticity is fallowed by a long period of stability. The evolution of the language is frozen. There are few tweaks here and there but nothing radical. And nobody , not even the original creator could change that.