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  1. Sep 2019
    1. Membrane biofouling remains to be one of the most serious operational problems for MBR applications, which results in permeate flux and water quality decline, trans-membrane pressure (TMP) and operating costs increase, frequent membrane cleaning and replacement necessary
    1. different fouling patterns were observed for replicate MBRs seeded with the same inoculum and maintained under identical operating conditions, with similar levels of biomass, soluble microbial products, and extracellular polymeric substances

      The reactors were not maintained under the same conditions - 1 had backpulsing and the other was subjected to relaxation

    1. achieved only a 10% increase of permeate flux when backpulsing was used in the filtration of a biological wastewater containing a high mixed liquor suspended solids
    1. Figure 2. TMP profiles during the operation of two one-stage MBRs in two phases.

      Fouling seems to happen exponentially once it starts => following a first order reaction. What is the mechanism behind this?

    2. a critical issue in MBR that awaits a technological advancement to solve is membrane biofouling, which leads to high energy consumption and thus high operating costs