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  1. Aug 2022
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    1. flattered into his very best and most polished behaviour

      Mr Shepherd is so good at what he does and plays Sir Walter who is basically a child

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    1. contrary to my judgement, submitted to an amicable compromise

      I think this says something about the Mr Wentworth's character. He is aware that people don't steal apples for fun but out of necessity. Mr Shepherd obviously thinks the person should be punished

    2. established usages

      Sir Walter is asking for the ridiculous - that people can stay in his home but not be allowed in the grounds. Mr Shepherd is very diplomatically stating that there is a standard set of usage for tenants (kinda like tenants rights).

    3. nothing being of so much use to Mrs Clay’s health as a drive to Kellynch

      Sounds like father and daughter are working together on her plot to seduce Sir Walter

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    1. interest

      I take this to mean that he wants to get paid too and he's probably being chased by Sir Walters creditors

    2. he meant

      He's a master manipulator, you can see where his daughter Mrs Clay learnt it - good for them, they have no power in this situation. Sir Walter requires expert handling and he is handled by everyone around him almost like a child