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  1. May 2022
    1. before(:all) do @fiber = Fiber.new do Benchmark.ips do |benchmark| @benchmark = benchmark Fiber.yield benchmark.compare! end end @fiber.resume end
    2. does the microgem I published work for your use case?
    3. We actually already use this patch: http://myronmars.to/n/dev-blog/2012/03/building-an-around-hook-using-fibers
    1. I’ve been looking everywhere for examples of how to use Fibers that are complicated enough to do something useful but simple enough to understand. For an older feature it’s one of the least documented.
    2. I haven't done a lot with Fibers,so having you point out a potential use for them and then walk through it was great.
  2. Feb 2022
    1. "Context" manipulation is one of big topic and there are many related terminologies (academic, language/implementation specific, promotion terminologies). In fact, there is confusing. In few minutes I remember the following related words and it is good CS exam to describe each :p Thread (Ruby) Green thread (CS terminology) Native thread (CS terminology) Non-preemptive thread (CS terminology) Preemptive thread (CS terminology) Fiber (Ruby/using resume/yield) Fiber (Ruby/using transfer) Fiber (Win32API) Generator (Python/JavaScript) Generator (Ruby) Continuation (CS terminology/Ruby, Scheme, ...) Partial continuation (CS terminology/ functional lang.) Exception handling (many languages) Coroutine (CS terminology/ALGOL) Semi-coroutine (CS terminology) Process (Unix/Ruby) Process (Erlang/Elixir) setjmp/longjmp (C) makecontext/swapcontext (POSIX) Task (...)
  3. Jun 2020