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  1. Jan 2019
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    1. Checking the markets constantly. The most active trades are early in the morning or later in the afternoon.
    2. During the night they did a stop run and just sniped me and then I'm out and I wake up and I should be in profit, but I'm not. And it's something I would've seen if I was awake. Um, but that's a huge limiting factor. Um, well, I mean, when I'm out with friends, I want some mobile app because you need that like access on the go. If you are a full time serious trader, you know, holding on kind of, it's a marathon and you're always on.
    3. But you know, this is a 24 seven market, so you do kind of have to be on all the time.
    4. So essentially like in the morning when I wake up
    5. Uh, and then I will pull the trigger on a trade if it meets, you know, x number of indicators that justify me entering into a position that the cards are stacked in my favor. If I do not see, uh, uh, trade that meets the qualifications that I've kind of listed or if the overall market is not in a place where I think I'm comfortable entering into one, I don't need to trade that day. I'll start my day by looking at it to see if it makes sense to be looking to trade that day. But if I come to the conclusion that it doesn't make enough sense, I'll just stop looking at charts for the rest of the day and I won't, I
    6. So that's going to involve looking at trading view to see how charts look from a weekly down to an hourly basis. And then I'm going to be looking at daily volume levels for Bitcoin to start.