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    1. TRAILBLAZER-WORKFLOW is another dream ‘o mine come true. It allows creating long-term processes (or state machines) based on BPMN diagrams that can be modeled using our editor.
    2. A major improvement here is the ability to maintain more than two explicit termini. In 2.0, you had the success and the failure termini (or “ends” as we used to call them). Now, additional ends such as not_found can be leveraged to communicate a non-binary outcome of your activity or operation.
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    1. Statecharts are a formalism for modeling stateful, reactive systems. This is useful for declaratively describing the behavior of your application, from the individual components to the overall application logic.
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    1. but I do you script on trading view. So treating you is great. Not only for the charts, but they also have an idea section and a script section.
    2. but I want to look at it from different perspectives from the Elliott wave theory, from many different perspectives so I can save different charts based on those perspectives.
    3. But I also, sorry, I also saved the individual coins. I save separate charts of them as well when I want to go dig deeper in it.
    4. Uh, also treating, you seem to have this multi charts optionality option where you can show hr it's four to a whatever charts on one screen. They, um, they have seem to have like more advanced tools. I would say like now that I'm better at a ta and I know it more, I can, I have access to more options. MMM. They also show, I don't think when did she does this, but I know trading view shows, uh, equities and for acts and commodities. Like, sometimes I just want to pull up the chart and just see what it looks like.

      Once he understood technical analysis, he was able to appreciate the multi-chart tools on trading view

    5. Yeah, so I, for I first started with trading you and I pull up a trading. You have this option where you can split up the, uh, you can have one screen yet show eight different charts.

      trading view*

    6. Uh, but definitely on the, on the daily, it's always the chart. The chart is number one. Price action is the number one thing.
    7. Um, yeah, definitely go to the home page of coin market cap. I'll take a look at the, they have like a seven day graph chart.
    8. And so I basically, this trade has been, I've been following this chart very closely. I shorted around one 50, made a good, good profit off that and then kind of did initiated a very short, long because there's a descending triangle and I'm very close to that base kind of same concept as bitcoin. Just looking at the triangle.
    9. basically use different charts, uh, for the same pairing because I want, you know, I want to look at it using elliot wave theory, then also using horizontal price levels.
    10. l, yeah, so I basically had been following the big coin chart very closely and uh, I have, I use trading view, I use to map out the trades.
    11. Uh, and then I will pull the trigger on a trade if it meets, you know, x number of indicators that justify me entering into a position that the cards are stacked in my favor. If I do not see, uh, uh, trade that meets the qualifications that I've kind of listed or if the overall market is not in a place where I think I'm comfortable entering into one, I don't need to trade that day. I'll start my day by looking at it to see if it makes sense to be looking to trade that day. But if I come to the conclusion that it doesn't make enough sense, I'll just stop looking at charts for the rest of the day and I won't, I
    12. I've never used their charting once because it's not going to be to the level that trading view would be or the level of coinagy and coinagy pulls its trading or as charting from trading view.
    13. I'm not sure if it, if you guys do as well, they just pull from trading views, uh, charting for
    14. Um, but I like charting out patterns and things of that nature.
    15. hich is a reason why I would use, you know, a charting solution, which would be a tradingview or coinagy.
    16. it's, it's, it's more difficult for me to base trade specifically on just data.
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    1. bower_components

      Ionic installs bower components (bower packages) into the project's lib folder:


      This behaviour is defined in the projects .bowerrc file, which looks like this:

        "directory": "www/lib"

      The project .bowerrc file may be found at the same level as the www folder.

      Note that if you install angular-chart this way, you don't need to install Chart.js separately; it is one of the dependencies that bower will install for you. Of course, you must include the script tag that references the Chart.js file as usual!

      Finally, if you want to link angular-chart.css you must follow the same procedure.

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    1. Compose complex, data-driven visualizations from reusable charts and components with d3.

      wykresy i grafy w javascript