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    1. Wer die Luft meiner Schriften zu athmen weiss, weiss, dass es eine Luft der Höhe ist, eine starke Luft. Man muss für sie geschaffen sein, sonst ist die Gefahr keine kleine, sich in ihr zu erkälten. Das Eis ist nahe, die Einsamkeit ist ungeheuer — aber wie ruhig alle Dinge im Lichte liegen! wie frei man athmet! wie Viel man unter sich fühlt! — Philosophie, wie ich sie bisher verstanden und gelebt habe, ist das freiwillige Leben in Eis und Hochgebirge — das Aufsuchen alles Fremden und Fragwürdigen im Dasein, alles dessen, was durch die Moral bisher in Bann gethan war. Aus einer langen Erfahrung, welche eine solche Wanderung im Verbotenen gab, lernte ich die Ursachen, aus denen bisher moralisirt und idealisirt wurde, sehr anders ansehn als es erwünscht sein mag: die verborgene Geschichte der Philosophen, die Psychologie ihrer grossen Namen kam für mich an’s Licht.

      قطعه بسیار زیبا درباره فلسفه که در ابتدای تز آورده ام. فلسفه بدان‌سان که تاکنون ....

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    1. Best Instrumental Hindi Songs of All time

      The loud piece of sufiscore Best Instrumental Hindi Songs of All time is given out "sahityam" and sahityam is actually like singing the swaras certainly at any rate using the spaces of the tune. The songs of Samaveda contain melodic substance, plan, beat and metric association. This game plan is, regardless, not extraordinary or limited to Samaveda. Best Instrumental Hindi Songs of All time has two focal parts, raga and tala. The raga, considering a varied assortment of swara, structures the outside of a profoundly many-sided melodic course of action, while the tala evaluates the time cycle. The raga gives a specialist a reach to cultivate the tune from sounds, while the tala outfits them with an innovative construction for cadenced unconstrained creation using time. In Best Instrumental Hindi Songs of All time music, the space between the notes is habitually more fundamental than the authentic notes, and it generally avoids Western customary examinations like concordance, inconsistency, harmonies, or change. The foundation of Best Instrumental Hindi Songs of All time in old India are found in the Vedic association of Hinduism. The earliest Indian thought joined three clarifications, syllabic show, melos and dance. As these fields were made, sangeeta changed into a verifiable kind of workmanship, in an advancement muddled from contemporary music. Sufiscore Best Instrumental Hindi Songs of All time is the old style music of the Indian subcontinent. It has two gigantic practices: the North Indian conventional music custom is called Hindustani, while the South Indian verbalization is called Carnatic. These practices were not irrefutable until about the fifteenth century. Best Instrumental Hindi Songs of All time underlines unrehearsed creation and evaluation of all pieces of a raga, while Carnatic grandstands will overall be short connection based. Regardless, the two plans continue to have more common features than contrasts. The central establishments of the Best Instrumental Hindi Songs of All time of India are found in the Vedic game plan of Hinduism and the obsolete Natyashastra, the magnificent Sanskrit text on execution verbalizations by Bharata Muni. The thirteenth period Sanskritic language text Sangita-Ratnakara of Sarangadeva is seen as the convincing substance by both the Hindustani music and the Carnatic music customs.

      Best Instrumental Hindi Songs of All time

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    1. I am not sure about aliases though... The number of aliases for various type definitions could grow without bounds. Unless it is a very common usage Indexify, my 2 cents would be not to create an alias. But I don't make the call on this.
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    1. "Courageous conversation is a strategy for breaking down racial tensions and raising racism as a topic of discussion that allows those who possess knowledge on particular topics to have the opportunity to share it, and those who do not have the knowledge to learn and grow from the experience." Singleton and Hays

    2. "Many North American music education programs exclude in vast numbers students who do not embody Euroamerican ideals. One way to begin making music education programs more socially just is to make them more inclusive. For that to happen, we need to develop programs that actively take the standpoint of the least advantaged, and work toward a common good that seeks to undermine hierarchies of advantage and disadvantage. And that, inturn, requires the ability to discuss race directly and meaningfully. Such discussions afford valuable opportunities to confront and evaluate the practical consequences of our actions as music educators. It is only through such conversations, Connell argues, that we come to understand “the real relationships and processes that generate advantage and disadvantage”(p. 125). Unfortunately, these are also conversations many white educators find uncomfortable and prefer to avoid."

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    1. JavaScript needs to fly from its comfy nest, and learn to survive on its own, on equal terms with other languages and run-times. It’s time to grow up, kid.
    2. If JavaScript were detached from the client and server platforms, the pressure of being a monoculture would be lifted — the next iteration of the JavaScript language or run-time would no longer have to please every developer in the world, but instead could focus on pleasing a much smaller audience of developers who love JavaScript and thrive with it, while enabling others to move to alternative languages or run-times.
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    1. Top 10 Important Online Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs 4.0 Thank you for your rating! Why not leave a message? Any additional feedback or questions are welcome below. Your Name Your Email Address Phone Number Message the Author Cancel By Shiv | Contact Author less than a minute ago Marketing tools are like a helping hand for many entrepreneurs. As time is money using online marketing tools make your job easy and fast and also saves money. Marketing tools are like a helping hand that makes your job so easy. These tools are designed in such a way that it saves you time, effort and money. Apart from finding customers, one of the most difficult problems faced by entrepreneurs is to save time and manage cash flow. Using tools for marketing your business ensures you meet your goal on time. Here are the top 10 most important online marketing tools for entrepreneurs- Hubspot- Inbound Marketing Tool If you want to buy one tool to grow your business exponentially, this is the tool you should buy. Hubspot offers an inbound marketing tool that promises you with attracting leads, converting them and closing the deal. This tool acts as a funnel for your business that narrows downs your audience into your customers and finally generates revenue out of them. You can get started using the Hubspot tool with just $113 per month. You can also get online tutorials on how to use Hubspot tools online or you can always call or email their support team to help you out. Freelancing Graphic Design Platform by EveryDesigns Marketing is impossible without good designs. In marketing, we have a lot of promotional content that uses heavy design work to attract customers. We, humans, are visual animals and it is easier to influence us visually rather than any other means. You can use the EveryDesigns platform to get designs for your business. It is a one-stop destination for your business to get any graphic design services. The innovation that they offer in their services is by organizing a contest for your designs where multiple designers work from around the world. You choose the best design submitted by designers and pay for only that design. You get multiple design options to choose from, along with a 100% money-back guarantee. MailChimp- Email Marketing MailChimp is the best tool when it comes to email marketing. As an entrepreneur, you know how important email marketing is. If you strategize your email marketing outreach, you can attract very valuable customers to your business website. The best part is that it provides some of its features for free, which is enough for a startup or small business to get started and if you want to buy the paid version, then it is as low as $10 per month. Zoom- Conference Meeting Tool Zoom is a web as well as an app-based conference meeting organization tool that helps you in connecting with different team members throughout the world. You can also use this tool to organize a webinar and post it on youtube by recording it. You can pretty much do anything, it is a better version of skype where you can whiteboard as well. The basic version can be used for free and the paid version with pro features starets at $20 for each member. Klusster- Publication Community Kluster is a tool used by digital marketers to spread content and attract customers to their website. Kluster offers a platform to publish content written by you and promote business. As an entrepreneur, you should understand the importance of the backlink for your website. Klusster is one such platform providing quality publications for businesses. The best part it's free. Grammarly-Content Optimization Tool As a marketer or entrepreneur, you know the power of content marketing. It is the most powerful way of branding your business. Creating content can be tough but, the most important thing is creating grammatically correct content. That’s where Grammarly comes and saves the day. It automatically suggests your corrections for every mistake you made. The basic version is free and the paid version with advanced features is $30. You can really see the difference in your writing after using Grammarly. Zoho Social-Social Media Marketing Tool Social media is a platform that has numerous potential and if you are not using social media then you are missing out on a huge opportunity. There are around 4.3 billion social media users and the primary rule of business is where there are people, there is business. Zoho Social is a social media management tool that helps you in promoting your business on multiple social media channels. You can use different channels like Facebook, Twitter Instagram, etc. and post your content, images using one app. UberSuggest- Digital Marketing Tool UberSuggest is a free digital marketing tool provided by Neil Patel Digital. This tool is best for a digital marketer who does not want to spend a big amount of money on buying digital marketing tools. This tool is very easy to use and offers many features that are enough for you to get started with your website’s SEO. Yoast SEO- WordPress Plugin for SEO Yoast SEO is a plugin that you can install on your WordPress site. This tool is a well-researched tool that recommends you SEO corrections that you should make in order to rank your website for specific keywords. It is the best on-page SEO management tool and comes with a one-time price tag of $89 for one website. You can also subscribe to their service starting from $19 per month where you get all the premium features with multiple plugins in one. If you do not want to buy Yoast SEO Plugin then you can also use the free version of the plugin but it is recommended that you should use the premium version if you want to stay ahead off of your competitors. Google- Search Engine & Other Tools You heard it right. Google is a tool that everyone uses and earlier in this post, I’ve said where there are people there is business, therefore, you should also use it. Google's market share when it comes to search engines is 80-90%. As an entrepreneur, you should aim for ranking your website higher in the high volume search keywords. To do that, you would need your website to be optimized according to the Google guidelines and recommendations. Google Offers multiple tools like search console, analytics, tag manager, etc to manage and optimize your website. You should use these tools to make your website better. Conclusion You can use these tools to have leverage over your competitors and quickly increase sales for your business. You are an entrepreneur and time is money for you, therefore, you should use these tools to save time and money. Comment below, what tool are you using to manage your business along with pricing and if you are using any of the above-mentioned tools, tell us your experience. Tags marketing tools / List of best marketing tools

      Marketing tools are like a helping hand for many entrepreneurs. As time is money using online marketing tools make your job easy and fast and also saves money. Top 10 Important Online Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs

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