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  1. Jan 2020
  2. Dec 2019
    1. but no highpTlight leptons (electrons or muons) to trigger on

      ... but where there are no high p_T, isolated light leptons on which to trigger.

    2. to be able to search

      ... for searches for or study of ...

  3. Sep 2019
  4. Apr 2019
    1. There will often be some mention of Louis Riel after this point. But afterwards, while there are some variations depending on where went to school, Native peoples essentially vanish from the narrative. Aside from a short discussion of Louis Riel, Native peoples essentially vanish from the narrative.

      There's a repeat here.

  5. Mar 2019
  6. Dec 2018
  7. Nov 2018
    1. Given the sensitivity of daily mean radiative balance to diurnal cloud phasing [Bergman61and Salby, 1997;Yin and Porporato, 2017], understanding such mechanisms is critical.

      Suggest elaborating on "such mechanisms" for better understanding. For example, explicitly stating that "understanding this offset phasing in TCs" is critical.

    2. of transverse

      Add "the" after of

    3. that has long been puzzled over

      Suggest rewording of this phrase to, e.g., "that has long been considered in the literature."

  8. Sep 2018
    1. [Note.–The following very brief and inadequate notice of an important paper presented to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in December, 1895, and printed in the Philosophical Magazine, Volume XLI, pages 237-276, is given here chiefly for the purpose of directing attention to an entirely novel and simple explanation of the vexed questions relating to the Earth's temperature in past times and to the cause of the Glacial Epoch. It is impossible in the present place to give more than the shortest abstract.– E. S. H.]

      This note is from a different publication, an abstract of the paper. The abstract was published in a US journal (Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific), and this note accompanied it. The note should not be included here.

    2. 10.1126/science.00011111

      This number may not be correct for the Philosophical Journal publication

    3. Earth

      "Ground", not "Earth"

    4. Vol. 9, No. 54, pp. 14-24

      Series 5, Volume 41, pp. 237-276

    5. Publications of the Astronomical Soc

      Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science

    6. 02/01/1897

      Publication date should be April 1896

  9. Aug 2018
    1. se durability of data.

      Would be good to give a basic list either here or in the above where you introduce metadata, or even a filled-out dummy form that shows some basic metadata. Would help folks who still have trouble visualizing the boundary between metadata and paradata.

    2. a Plan

      Storage and Preservation

    3. Deprecated formats

      Is this what header 2 looks like? Would be good to format these items so they stand out. The text is really understandable and helpful though.

    4. ld.

      Here introduce the key concepts you define below by saying something like: in order to get as close to a perfectly usable and preservable dataset, you should collect both metadata and paradata.

    5. The

      Before this sentence, introduce paradata somehow, like: "What you can do is record paradata, or information about how and why the data was created, like a data diary."

    6. ad infinitum

      This is a bit overwhelming - are you saying you should not aim to collect "all the data there are" and set appropriate boundaries, or that you should not expect to avoid all possible hiccups (a "perfect" dataset)? Or both? I think since you used the previous paragraph to point out some specific concerns to address, you should explicitly reference them here. I think you're saying that the key to good datasets is having reasonable and attainable goals, rather than striving to get "all the data and complete in every way possible".

    7. What do I want my data to do?

      This section is starting to get a bit hard to understand because the data are taking on person qualities. Could you introduce an example of an amusing fake-name project so that folks who do not discuss data in the abstract could more easily follow along?

    8. .


    9. The

      "It is important to plan the structure of the data, expectations for its use by researchers, and arrange for its storage from the beginning of your research."

    10. You’ll notice that quality data (however you define the term) take planning.

      "Creating good data requires planning"

    11. As an added benefit, those same qualities that make data useful and conclusions reproducible can also help to protect against the ravages of time

      "And maintaining data in this condition helps protect them from the ravages of time" maybe?

    12. The data might be saved as an image, when in fact it's got a structure.

      Reword this so it is clear that it is different from the above: Access part = text and numbers and database saved in a bad format but still usable // Reuse part = a map or output saved as an image but the underlying data used to create it is not present (did I understand correctly?)

    13. proprietary

      Make sure somewhere earlier in the text someone has defined "proprietary" in plain language

    14. do


    15. What would make it better?

      Remove this question - the following section needs to be read first otherwise it is overwhelming

    16. in the past when trying to understand

      remove "in the past" and change following to "when trying to use someone else's data or reconstruct their conclusions"

    17. ef back to “The first steps in going digital are quite easy. They are fundamentally a question of maintaining some basic good habits. Everything else flows from these three habits:” section 1.1.6. These principles will help you and future researchers use your data, reproduce your conclusions and “future-proof” your digital work.

      I assume this is going to be turned into a link to a previous chapter?

    18. great


  10. Jul 2018
  11. Feb 2018
    1. This raises the questions

      Should be "This raises questions"

    2. even verification

      Should be "even if verification"

    3. considered be

      Should be "considered to be"

    4. increase

      Should be "increases"?

    5. it can useful

      Should be "it can be useful"

  12. Aug 2017
    1. There is this idea of women being able

      Some argue that women are able

    2. it makes it hard for someone who doesn’t fit into these molds of heteronormativity to find an authentic operatic voice when portraying a role, reenacting a scene, or just trying to relate to the lyrics in a particular song.

      These norms mean that when I perform a role, reenacting a scene, or trying to relate to the lyrics of a particular song, I am also performing gender, sexuality, and race, all in ways that make it a challenge to find an authentic operatic voice.

    1. Callback is passed the decoded payload if the signature and optional expiration, audience, or issuer are valid.

      I think there is a part missing here. I'd like to propose the following new sentence as a replacement:

      Callback is passed the decoded payload if the signature is valid and optional expiration, audience, or issuer are valid.

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    1. * So what does nuclear receptor even mean?

      Do I need to submit the dataset itself?

  15. Mar 2017
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    1. 1-800-724-3506

      Phone: 800-724-3506 Fax: 570-825-9669

    2. Wilks


    3. Covering New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Call 1-800-724-3506 or contact the store nearest you.

      [change ALL CAPS to Sentence case.] Covering New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Call 1-800-724-3506 or contact the store nearest you.

  17. Aug 2016
    1. Whether you are an organisation looking to invite young statisticians for a company visit, someone with questions about our upcoming or past events, or if you are just up for a chat.


    2. Add correct pictures of the people

    3. Our mission is to bring young statisticians together. We aim to provide engaging discussions and create interdisciplinarity. To be at forefront of an information-driven society. You can find our upcoming events below.

      Make this proper

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    1. Welcome to Hubzilla at LastAuth.com

      The Welcome Page. The Man behind the scene's has been truly welcoming. Test 1 Test 2

      So my consideration here is to go between an annotation structure such as this and a mind-map structure(initially until I regard other infographic materiaux making) such as mindmup.com.

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    1. Dr. Weisman knows how to bridge the gap between science and marketing.

      "Dr. Weisman knows how to utilize his scientific credentials to undermine the scientific process."

  24. Aug 2013