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  1. May 2021
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  2. Oct 2020
  3. Jun 2020
    1. Now all that was gone. In theory, they qualified for a $3,400 federal stimulus check, but they had no bank account or address to collect it. In theory, Dave was entitled to unemployment, but as of May only about 43 percent of the state’s 1.1 million claims had been paid.

      A few paragraphs later this appears: "She set her phone alarm for midnight so that as Thursday turned to Friday, she could check whether Dave’s first paycheck had hit their account. She could hear the clatter of raccoons foraging in a nearby dumpster and the hum of cars rolling through the drive-through. At 12:01 a.m. she looked to see whether Dave’s paycheck had shown up in his account." First they don't have an account for the stimulus money to go to, then they're getting up at midnight to see if the paycheck had hit their account. In addition, it takes about a week to set up direct deposit with most companies.

  4. Jun 2015
    1. It's interesting to see how many times, and in how many ways, the narrator uses the word "Account" in this book. We tend to use it as synonymous with "story," but here it really does some like an account-book is at the back of the narrator's mind a lot of the time.