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    1. Manning: I love the cover art. Seriously! It is very apropos and beautiful (for both this Haskell book and the recent Manning F# book).
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    1. For safety reasons, certain pumps and sprayers cannot be returned to the store if opened.

      More likely: they don't want to deal with these returns because of risk to store and because they want to keep the money they made from the sale.

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    1. INFERNO VIII↩⚓✪ The Fifth Circle. Intemperance in Indignation⚓✪ The Wrathful and Sullen. Styx. The City of Dis

      The City of Dis refers to the walls that encompasses all of lower hell where the serious sins are punished. Dis, also known as Pluto, is one of the kings of the underworld. Dis represents Lucifer and the lower circles of his infernal realm. It is in The Inferno because it is where the worst sinners reside and is imperative to Dante’s portrayal of his own version of hell.

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    1. “You threw us under the bus!” she yelled at Mr. Stamos, according to people who were present.

      Just imagine how all of your users feel Ms. Sandberg! And let's be honest, the fish stinks from the head.

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  11. www.biodiversitylibrary.org www.biodiversitylibrary.org

      Dr. F.W. True U.S. National Museum Washington D.C.

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    1. She’s become the face of the revolution, but she really didn’t do anything to earn that status.

      I don't agree with this because she is the only one in the lime light making revolutionary changes. She was only one with Peeta to not kill each other during the hunger game which started it all. She stands out from the rest just by being herself. Katniss has become the mocking-jay to make a difference and stop innocent people from losing their life.

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    1. To convert your figures to cubic yards, multiply the length, width and depth figures, then divide the result by 324.

      measuring cubic yards

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