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  1. Mar 2022
    1. "在别人眼里,数学对于数学家是很容易的。错了, 那是一场斗争,艰苦而孤独,不确定能得到成果,而且需要很长时间的奋斗。数学家是热爱斗争的人。 "


      数学是一场孤独的战争, 很难有人能帮到你

  2. Feb 2021
    1. Back in 1999, the critic Bruce Benderson published a landmark essay, Sex and Isolation, in which he observed: “We are very much alone. Nothing leaves a mark. Today’s texts and images may look like real carvings – but in the end they are erasable, only a temporary blockage of all-invasive light. No matter how long the words and pictures stay on our screens, there will be no encrustation; all will be reversible.”

      回到1999年,批评家Bruce Benderson发表了一篇全景式的文章,性与孤独(Sex and Isolation),在这其中他观察到:“我们很孤独。没有什么会在这世上留下印记。今天的文字和图像可能会看起来像真的雕塑一样,但是最终他们会是可擦除的,全方位的曝光只能稍作遮挡。无论文字或图片会在我们的屏幕上停留多久,都不会盖棺定论,所有事情都可以被翻转。”

    2. This aspect of digital existence is among the concerns of Sherry Turkle of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who has been writing about human-technology interactions for the past three decades. She has become increasingly wary of the capacity of online spaces to fulfil us in the ways we seem to want them to. According to Turkle, part of the problem with the internet is that it encourages self-invention. “At the screen,” she writes in Alone Together (2011), “you have a chance to write yourself into the person you want to be and to imagine others as you wish them to be, constructing them for your purposes. It’s a seductive but dangerous habit of mind.”

      麻省理工的Sherry Turkle关注数字技术在这个方面的影响,她在过去的三年一直在研究人机交互。她越来越意识到,人们所希望网络空间对自身的充实感是需要被谨慎对待的。据她说,一个重要的问题是,互联网会导致“自我虚构(self-invention)。”“在屏幕上,”她在一本叫《共同孤单(Alone Together,2011)》的书里写到,“你会有把自己描绘成那个你希望成为的人的机会,或者你会想象别人也是你希望他们成为的样子,你会根据自己的需要去建构他们的角色。这是一个值得注意,而且很危险的思想状态。

    3. In 1942, the American painter Edward Hopper produced the signature image of urban loneliness. Nighthawks shows four people in a diner at night, cut off from the street outside by a curving glass window: a disquieting scene of disconnection and estrangement. In his art, Hopper was centrally concerned with how humans were handling the environment of the electric city: the way it crowded people together while enclosing them in increasingly small and exposing cells. His paintings establish an architecture of loneliness, reproducing the confining units of office blocks and studio apartments, in which unwitting exhibitionists reveal their private lives in cinematic stills, framed by panes of glass.

      1942年,美国画家Edward Hopper创作了关于城市孤独的代表画作。在这幅名为Nighthawks的画中,四个人坐在夜幕下的餐厅里,被玻璃窗与街道隔离,这是一幅怎样令人忧郁的图景,断掉了链接,陌生了画面。Hopper在作品中主要关注的是电气时代的人们如何处理彼此之间的关系——喧哗的人群聚集的方式是把他们推进越来越小的房间里。他的画作代表、建设出了一种孤独感,重新定义了咖啡厅和工作室这种狭窄空间,在这些空间里,人们的私人生活通过玻璃窗被不经意地展览出来,正如在电影院中。