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  1. Jan 2021
    1. Any lawful ordinance may be enacted by vote of the Town as follows:  A petition signed by not less than 15 percent of the registered voters shall be filed with the Town Clerk requesting enactment of the ordinance and accompanied by the text thereof. The selectmen shall call a special Town meeting to be held within 60 days of the date the petition is filed, unless prior to such meeting, the selectmen shall have enacted the ordinance. The warning for the meeting shall include a summary of the text of the proposed ordinance, its effective date and penalty provision for violation thereof, and shall be posted and published as the law of this State requires for special meeting generally. The warning shall provide for a "yes" and "no" vote by ballot as to its enactment. Copies of the proposed ordinance shall be posted in its entirety in at least five locations in Town for at least 30 consecutive days to the date of said special Town meeting. In the discretion of the selectmen, the enactment of such ordinance may be proposed as an article in the warning for the next ensuing annual Town meeting, providing that such annual meeting shall be held within 120 days of the filing of such petition for enactment.



    1. § 124-6. Removal of elected Town officers Any elected Town officer may be removed from office subject to the following conditions and procedures: (1) A written petition, signed by not less than 15 percent of the registered voters of the Town, seeking the removal of such Town officer or officers, and requesting a vote of the Town at a regular or special meeting called for the purpose, shall be filed with the Selectboard and the Town Clerk. (2) Within 15 days after receipt of the petition, the Selectboard shall warn a special Town meeting, or if the annual meeting is to occur within 45 days of the filing of the petition, include an article in the warning for the annual meeting, for the purpose of voting, by Australian ballot, on whether the officer or officers shall be removed from office. (3) The officer or officers shall be removed from office only if at least as many registered voters of the Town cast votes in the special Town meeting or annual meeting as voted in the election wherein the officer subject to the vote of removal was originally elected. (4) Removal shall require a majority of the votes cast at the regular or special Town meeting. (5) If an officer is removed according to the foregoing procedure, the officer shall forthwith cease to hold office and the office shall become vacant. The vacancy shall be filled as provided by law and this charter. (6) Only one petition for removal may be filed against any given elected officer during any 12-month period of his or her term of office. (Added 2005, No. M-9 (Adj. Sess.), § 2, eff. Feb. 24, 2005.)