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  1. Nov 2021
    1. freedom

      Incorrect?? but not sure.. to me the question they're asking in the book is whether 'the texas law that has been asserted is

  2. Jun 2021
    1. We explore them in other chapters and in particular in Macroeconomic Policy Around the World.

      Reference to OS 19 (not currently mapped in our AL)--remove?

    2. The European Union has strong programs to invest in scientific research. Researchers Abraham García and Pierre Mohnen demonstrate that firms who received support from the Austrian government actually increased their research intensity and had more sales. Governments can support scientific research and technical training that helps to create and spread new technologies. Governments can also provide a legal environment that protects the ability of inventors to profit from their inventions.

      From OS

    3. Scientific Research

      This would be an excellent place to mention the US funding of COVID vaccine research--maybe a link to learning after this card?

    4. For example, saver's credits make certain retirement savings tax-exempt, meaning savers get to keep more of the interest they earn on savings investments.

      This example is pulled from Giacomo's slides. Possible replacement: education fund accounts? (Same concept of tax-exemption, less common)

    5. In the United States and many other countries, the government taxes gains from private investment. Low capital gains taxes encourage investment and so also economic growth.

      This sentence is from OS

    6. Government Action: Education

      First paragraph is Giacomo adaptation, second paragraph is OS text

    7. EducationSavings and investmentScientific researchHealthcareInternational tradeInfrastructureSpecial economic zones

      This is a combo of Giacomo's list and OS's list. I've devoted one explanation card to each item on this list. Education, savings/investment, and scientific research are featured by both Giacomo & OS; we may want to cut some of the others

    8. A Healthy Climate for Economic Growth

      From OS 7.3

    9. empirical evidence

      It would be great if we could pull empirical evidence to support this