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  1. Feb 2014
    1. When they arrived, they were summoned and asked what news they brought of Arion

      1.24. Periander interrogates the sailors who forced Arion to leap from the boat.

    2. Arion asked that, since they had made up their minds, they would let him stand on the half-deck in all his regalia and sing; and he promised that after he had sung he would do himself in

      1.24. Arion asks to be allowed to sing before throwing himself into the sea.

    3. told him either to kill himself and so receive burial on land or else to jump into the sea at once

      1.24. The Corinthian sailors refuse Arion's plea and instruct him to kill himself instead.

    4. Discovering this, he earnestly entreated them

      1.24. Arion the lyre-player begs the Corinthian sailors plotting to kill him to take his money but spare his life.