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  1. Feb 2014
    1. Leading these out, and engaging the Persians, he was beaten:

      1.128 Another battle ensues and Astyages is defeated once again by Cyrus. This time he is taken prisoner by Cyrus and loses his army.

    2. As soon as Astyages heard, he sent a threatening message to Cyrus: “Nevertheless, Cyrus shall not rejoice”

      1.128 In his defeat, sour-grapes Astyages sends another message to Cyrus

    3. So when the Medes marched out and engaged with the Persians,

      1.127 A battle between the forces of Astyages and Cyrus occurs

    4. Cyrus told the messenger to take back word that Astyages would see him sooner than he liked.

      1.127 Cyrus gives a sassy response to Astyages that he will meet the Medes on the field of battle.

    5. But when Astyages heard that Cyrus was about this business, he sent a messenger to summon him;

      1.127 Astyages sends a messenger to Cyrus before the start of fighting.