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  1. Apr 2021
    1. 1). The core principle, or underlying premise, is that students at all levels of the curriculum can benefit in multiple ways by engaging actively in research and enquiry.
    2. y.Connectedness lies at the heart of this vision. There are no less than twelve dimensions of connectedness that can be glimpsed here, namely connections: 1) Between disciplines 2) Between the academy and the wider world 3) Between research and teaching 4) Between theory and practice 5) Between the student and teacher/lecturer/professor 6) Between the student in her/his interior being – and in his/her being in the wider world 7) Between the student and other students 8) Between the student and her/his disciplines – that is, being authentically and intimately connected epistemologically and ontologically 9) Between the various components of the curriculum10) Between the student’s own multiple understandings of and per-spectives on the world11) Between different areas – or components – of the complex organisation that constitutes the university12) Between different aspects of the wider society, especially those associated with society’s learning processes