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  1. Jan 2016
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    1. It is just that now it is necessary for you to understand that when you are inquiring, and when I am answering, You are answering. And that when You are answering, I am answering. And therefore all of this is absolutely relevant to you as an actual experience of your divinity, not just a means of getting information to help you experience your divinity.

      When it it Self answering, ultimately there is only one Self!

    2. You see, you are still listening to me, aren’t you? You are still conceptualizing what is happening as though you are listening to me, and you are eager. This is wonderful, because it simply means that full permission is being given. But, I will remind you that it is your Self which you are listening to, and it is an experience of Integrity. It is an experience of You, and truly not something separate from you, because I am not a person. I am the Voice for Truth. And there are not many voices for Truth, there is just the Voice for Truth. And you are the Voice for Truth—the utterly same Voice for Truth. When you listen to me, you listen to You. And when you listen to You, you listen to me. But what you must come to embrace and embody as your conscious awareness is the fact that it is You; that every word which is being experienced at this moment is You in the act of being Who You truly Are. Where is the imaginary sidekick, Bumbling Paul, at this moment? Nowhere! Never was anywhere. So, conceptually speaking, you could say that you will either be talking with me/Yourself or opening your mouth and saying what me/Yourself is being the Knowing of. You are at a point where you truly can release the idea that an experience or sense of authorship will accompany true Being, and just be the experience, the presence of It happening!

      Channelling......."I will remind you that it is your Self which you are listening to, and it is an experience of Integrity."

      "I am the Voice for Truth." and he goes on to say that there is only one Voice for Truth and our Being is that!

      And he shares there is no sense of authorship in true Being.....

    3. Yes, it may seem as though you are channeling all the time. That is a way of conceptualizing it which is, for all intents and purposes, accurate. But really, what has channeling meant? That you were expressing what you were not personally responsible for. That you were not being a calculated controlled presence. And, indeed, what I have been telling you so far is: That is the real You being you, and the thinking, calculating, judging sense of Paul which you have thought was you has been an imaginary sidekick which, in the final analysis constitutes excess baggage of nonsense. You have had enough experience now, in the last nine years, to be able to hear that and understand that it is completely true and nonthreatening—not dangerous.

      Raj questions channelling... the real You being you.