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  1. Feb 2018
    1. Allobjectssignify;somesignifymoreexpressivelythanothers.Asthelistofobjectsstudiedoverthecourseoftimeinasingleuniversityseminarattests,thepossibilitiesarevirtuallylimitless-especiallyconsideringthatnotwoindividualswillreadagivenobjectinthesameway.

      To observe the idea that an object contains an infinite amount of meaning, concerning the context of its use brings me back around to What Is A Machete, Anyway? written by John Cline, an article circulating the significant meaning behind the machete-- a sharp, long knife. Historically, the machete was created to benefit those within the agricultural world, not to be used as a merciless weapon to end the lives of dozens, or even as a way of war against an oppressor, but because of the limited assets these people had they resulted to using the closest resource they could.

    2. Essays in Material Culture

      For my comparison, I analyzed What Is a Machete, Anyway?, an article written by John Cline in where the author explores the many forms a machete-- an artifact used for centuries in several societies-- has become either a symbol, a tool, or a weapon to those who have come across it.

  2. Jul 2017