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  1. Aug 2018
    1. StadtRAD Hamburg - get on and off! The StadtRAD makes you spontaneous and individually mobile. Whether as a professional, leisure or tourist you experience Hamburg in a special way - very close to the pulse of the city. On many loan stations throughout the city, you have the option to rent a city bike around the clock and return it - as easy as cycling.

      StadtRAD Bicyling in Hamburg

    1. You can get involved by applying in a Pilot Group for the Open Call and become a new pilot city. Cities from all over the world are welcome to apply but only cities from the EU and H2020 associated countries are eligible for funding.

    1. More cycling by the people of Berlin contributes to a better quality of life and environment in the city. Therefore the City of Berlin works hard to promote cycling as an alternative mode of transportation and to improve the conditions for cycling around the city.

      Cycling Berlin

    1. Perttu, co-founder of Radbahn , has presented the concept for the cycle path below the U1 in Berlin. The special feature of this line: over several kilometers, it does not run underground, but runs on a route made of steel. The space underneath is largely unused - ideal for creating a covered bicycle path that leads from the southeast of the city to the west . Cycle track is more than a bike path At selected locations, electricity is to be generated by means of photovoltaic elements or the kinetic energy of cars crossing the route. This is then available at charging stations for electric cars or bicycles. In addition, the median strip is to become an urban meeting place. VibRad has just won the "Radbahn + Innovators" competition. In their concept, tubes are suspended from the route on a partial section. By subway wagons and passing cars resulting vibration is thus converted into energy. This is fed into the circuit and also produces light at the ends of the tubes. Radbahn has already won prestigious awards, aroused great interest among German and international media and completed a successful crowdfunding campaign

      Radbahn Berlin Future Visions for the Ecomobile City