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  1. Dec 2022
    1. Diw Energiekrise hast du geführt, dass die Erneuerunbaren weltweit viel schneller als bisher ausgebaut werden. Die International Energy Agency IEA prognostiziert in einem neuen Bericht, dass in den kommenden 5 Jahren so viele Kapazitäten geschaffen werden wie in den vergangenen 20 Jahren.

  2. Oct 2018
    1. More details on the Green function theory may be found in standard text books on many-bodytheory (e.g. Nozi`eres 1964, Fetter and Walecka 1971, Inkson 1984, Mahan 1990) and in the reviewarticle by Hedin and Lundqvist (1969).

      Really important references, esp the Fetter and Walecka many body quantum book.

    2. Calculations of Σ are unfortunately very difficult even for the electrongas. We must resort to approximations and this review describes theGWapproximation (GWA)(Hedin 1965a) which is the simplest working approximation beyond the HFA that takes screeninginto account.

      This is a good explanation of what GW really does. It calculates the self energy.