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  1. Jul 2016
    1. Would the spaces where novel ideas can emerge unbound by efficiency or productivity be eliminated, the consequence would be no less than the simultaneous destruction of all non-actual possible worlds

      Yes! I love this idea of the "non-actual possible worlds" being the stuff of higher education. The multiversity.

    2. What is now useless can open up whole new worlds tomorrow. And even if it never does, it is beautiful, in that it has the markings of the play of possibility that is life and mind.

      Education should open up the possible, not constrain to the already known.

  2. Nov 2015
    1. What’s not there can at times be even more helpful than what is. Embrace the silence and let it speak for you.

      Nice way to round out the feels here - and cool to have a space between this and the final quote. Nice work @chris_friend