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  1. Apr 2017
    1. Reflection’s central role in current rhetorical practices is echoed by recent studies

      Although I wouldn't overstate it's importance to contemporary rhetorical practice, "Reflection" is the third, and kind of also the final, step in the Ignatian paradigm of teaching. It's very much a process of looking back at past experiences and actions and reassessing them, and I'm interested in how those practices work with Boyles' warning that excess metacognition can become a bad habit of division.

  2. Jan 2017
    1. Complementary aids

      Interesting, this seems like a cura personalis-ish approach that sees the value of literature and the liberal arts for scientists alongside the advancement of communications technology (printing press) and intellectual organization (the university).

    1. oneself

      This sounds super Jesuit: intense training, bettering the self, process