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  1. May 2016
    1. You may, with your personality, try a thousand times a thousand times to burst through the shellof your human consciousness.It will result only, if at all, in a breaking down of the doors I have provided between the world oftangible forms and the real of intangible dreams; and the door being open, you then no longercan keep out intruders from your private domain, without much trouble and suffering.But even through such suffering you may gain the strength you lack and the wisdom needed toknow that, not until you yield up all desire for knowledge, for goodness, yes, for union with Me,to benefit self, can you unfold your petals showing forth the perfect Beauty of My Divine Nature,and throw off the shell of your human personality and step forth into the glorious Light of MyHeavenly Kingdom.Therefore I give you these directions now, at the beginning, that you may be learning how torecognize Me

      I of my egoic self can try however this doesn't work, however the experience still leads to a time when I surrender and allow God..........