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  1. Feb 2014
    1. . Tomyris, when Cyrus would not listen to her, collected all her forces and engaged him. This fight I judge to have been the fiercest ever fought by men that were not Greek;

      1.214 The persian Army is destroyed and Cyrus is killed in a great battle with the Massagetai.

    2. When Tomyris heard what had happened to her army and her son, she sent a herald to Cyrus with this message:

      1.212 Queen Tomyris asks Cyrus to return her son and leave the country.

    3. Then the Persians attacked them, killing many and taking many more alive, among whom was the son of Tomyris the queen, Spargapises by name, the leader of the Massagetae.

      1.211 Croesus' stratagem succeeds. the Persians destroy one third of the Massagetai force and capture Tomyris' son, Spargapises.

    4. he told Tomyris to draw her army off, for he would cross (he said) and attack her;

      1.208 Cyrus sends a message to Queen Tomyris after deciding to attack her within her own city. Bold move bro.

    5. Tomyris sent a herald to him with this message: “O king of the Medes, stop hurrying on what you are hurrying on, for you cannot know whether the completion of this work will be for your advantage.

      1.206 Queen Tomyris responds to Cyrus' marriage proposal. It's a no. She thinks her troops can defeat Cyrus' in battle and save her city without loosing power over her holding to a political alliance.

    6. Cyrus sent a message with a pretence of wanting her for his wife,

      1.205 Cyrus sends a marriage proposal to Queen Tomyris of the Massegetai in order to capture her holdings through political alliance rather than through battle. Tomyris is not feeling it though.