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  1. Jan 2018
    1. The Gospel for today provokes some good reflections. We are listening these days to the early curing-stories in Mark’s Gospel. There are many little curings which are statements affirming that Jesus is the Saving Message and Messenger.

      The phrase "little curings" seems disrespectful. Was any cure little for those who received it? Was it little power on God's part? Were they little in their impact? Where the people little ones who weren't important? In what sense can any miraculous cure performed by the Lord be called little?

  2. May 2016
    1. 11Therefore, it must be that the consciousness of the cell of your body is My Consciousness, evenas your consciousness is My Consciousness; and therefore We must be One in consciousness --the cell, You and I.You cannot now consciously direct or control a single cell of your body; but when you can atwill enter into the Consciousness of the I AM of you and know its identity with Me, then you cancontrol not only every cell of your body, but that of any other body you might wish to control.

      As a conscious Being, what may be perceived as miracles flow naturally in physicality.