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  1. Jan 2022
    1. it's a global algorithm it the results don't change based on which node you're currently focused on and so the hits algorithm 00:11:54 is telling us the hub score and the authority score of every note in the vault

      HITS Centrality algorithm

      • the currently focused note is in bold format in the list.
      • I think it lists the main overlinked (overcited) note in the vault
    2. it's giving us an idea of which notes are like most central if you sort of bring the most highly linked notes to the center of the graph these are going to tell you

      Centrality algorithms

    3. the exact values aren't um like really what you should be considering most of the time the relation between 00:03:23 those values to other nodes in your vault is what gives you the most information

      Graph analysis

    4. the structure of your graph the the links between your notes and not the content in those notes the similarity algorithm is telling you how similar the current note is to every other node

      Similarity algorithm