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  1. Jan 2019
    1. My argument is that today the critical posthumanities are emergingas post-disciplinary discursive fronts not only around the edges ofthe classical disciplines but also as o

      What if we view the posthumanities as it's own evolutionary process? Much like the "Dawn of Humanity" film explained with human evolution, the posthumanities could be seen as evolving as a braided stream alongside the classical disciplines.

    2. posthumanitie

      commenting just to tag this

    3. omadic

      the posthumanities are nomadic because they don't fit in traditional disciplinary camps, right?

    4. posthuman times, and the posthuman subjects ofknowledge constituted within them, are producing new fields of transdis-ciplinary knowledge, which I call the critical posthumanitie

      At least she laid it out front and center. If this piece is anything like the Barad essay, then we can at least walk away with this sentence.

    1. eminist andqueer studies and science studies through one another while simulta-neously proposing a materialist and posthumanist reworking of the notionof performativity

      Diffracting these studies through one another? This seems to be exactly what Braidotti was after in her description of "posthumanities."