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  1. May 2016
    1. 3.1 Post-battle, Regan tries to fight with Goneril over Edmund, but finds herself too sick to really do anything. We find out later that Goneril has poisoned her, and Regan dies offstage.

      Still fighting over Edmund, dies of poision

    2. 5.1 In the middle of a pre-battle hookup with Edmund, Regan demands to know if he and Goneril have done the deed behind Albany's back. Edmund tells her she's crazy.

      "did they do anything?" --no answer

    3. Regan gets letters from both her father and Goneril about a fight at Goneril's house. To avoid having to take Lear into her own house, she shows up at Gloucester's castle and asks to stay the night.

      There's a fight i'm coming to your house ~ lear

      he's coming over ~Goneril

    1. Lear had planned to live with Cordelia when he retired.

      He did wrong here, he is the one sinning