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  1. Apr 2024
  2. Aug 2018
    1. StromPager can remotely control consumer appliances such as night storage heaters and heat pumps, small generation plants for regenerative energy or combined heat and power in the distribution network. Charging stations for electric vehicles can also optimize network utilization through fast and dynamic regulation. Replacement of audio frequency round control In Berlin, about 30,000 consumer devices are currently controlled by audio frequency ripple control (TFR) or time switches. The transmitters and receivers that have been in use for many years reach the end of their service life. Your continued operation, maintenance and replacement are complex and not efficient. Against this backdrop, we searched with regional project partners for new ways to securely and reliably transmit switching commands. With the Berlin-based companies e * message and Bosch Software Innovations, we developed all elements necessary for the function, such as receiver modules, IT platform and associated software. Since September 2014, we are the first distribution system operator to use the existing pager paging network for the controller.

      StromPager - the radio-based control technology - is an innovative and efficient solution for switching on and / or adjusting stages of loads and generating units