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  1. Oct 2016
    1. Sheldon, whose intelligence frequently becomes his excuse for his social awkwardness

      Scientist depicted as awkward.

    2. Howard con-sistently expects her during their court-ship and engagement to take over roles his mother performed for him

      Male lead expects female to take over "roles his mother performed". Wants her to do housework.

    3. Still, this bringing forward of intel-ligence as a character type into fiction television makes for an interesting break with cultural attitudes toward intelli-gence in the United States
    4. Since Amy becomes a mirror to Sheldon, she must be intelligent, but her showings of this intelligence can be awkward. F
    5. Intelligent charac-ters exhibit similar characteristics, such as possessing multiple degrees, spout-ing obscure facts, announcing their intellects, exhibiting social awkward-ness or aversion, and even overusing logic