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    1. If you doubt my claim that internet is broad but not deep, try this experiment. Pick any firm with a presence on the web. Measure the depth of the web at that point by simply counting the bytes in their web. Contrast this measurement with a back of the envelope estimate of the depth of information in the real firm. Include the information in their products, manuals, file cabinets, address books, notepads, databases, and in each employee's head.
    1. En una tercera etapa de los estudios críticos aparecen las tensiones entre los desarrollos desde el Norte y el Sur Global y se avizoran retos y nuevos campos de investigación

      tensiones entre el norte y sur global incluir de manera interrelacionada dimensiones intergeneracionales, de raza, género, región y clase social para analizar las maneras diversas y desiguales de inclusión y apropiación de las tecnologías.

    1. Veiller à la mise en place par tous les départements du projet pour l’enfant
    2. Proscrire l’usage du LBD dans le contexte des manifestations, compte-tenu du risque accruque représente cette arme en maintien de l’ordre, en particulier pour les enfants.
    3. Clarifier le cadre juridique de la responsabilité des médecins pour leur permettre, sans risquerdes poursuites disciplinaires, de signaler auprès des autorités administratives ou judiciairestout acte de maltraitance, qu’il soit avéré ou suspecté, à l’encontre d’un enfant.
    4. Recenser les dispositifs de scolarisation dits « ad hoc » sur l’ensemble du territoire et y mettreun terme.

      c'espt pas très clair

    5. Multiplier les établissements de protection adaptés à la problématique des enfants victimesde toutes les formes de traite, en proscrivant notamment tout placement hôtelier.
    1. Studs Terkel, the oral historian, was known to admonish friends who would read his books but leave them free of markings. He told them that reading a book should not be a passive exercise, but rather a raucous conversation.

      love "raucous conversation"!

    1. Bond

      A bond is a fixed-income instrument that represents a loan made by an investor to a borrower (typically corporate or governmental). A bond could be thought of as an I.O.U. between the lender and borrower that includes the details of the loan and its payments. Bonds are used by companies, municipalities, states, and sovereign governments to finance projects and operations. Owners of bonds are debtholders, or creditors, of the issuer.

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    1. Zhao briefly describes Cal Newport's Questions, Evidence, Conclusions (QEC) framework which she uses as a framework for quickly annotating books and then making notes from those annotations later.

      How does QEC differ from strategies in Adler/Van Doren?

    1. À la carte can be now used figuratively to describe someone who picks some things out of a larger set, e.g., an à la carte Catholic who (conveniently) believes in some aspects of the religion, but not others. À la carte television refers to customers paying for just channels they want, rather they having to pay for a whole (cable) service.
    1. My mission is to enable more satisfaction for more people.

      Bentley claims to have a mission to increase human satisfation

    1. Sorkin had been a heavy smoker since high school — two packs a day of Merits — and the habit had long been inextricable from his writing process. “It was just part of it, the way a pen was part of it,” he said. “I don’t want to talk about it too much, because I’ll start to salivate.”

      For Aaron Sorkin smoking was a tool that was part of his writing process.

    1. ’instruction obligatoire peut être donnée aux enfants âgés de trois à six ans dans un établissement d’accueil soit collectif recevant exclusivement des enfants âgés de plus de deux ans dit “jardin d’enfants” géré, financé ou conventionné par une collectivité publique, soit associatif, ouvert à la date d’entrée en vigueur de la loi n° 2019‑791 du 26 juillet 2019 pour une école de la confiance

      c'est pour favoriser les structures privées et DDSP ?

    2. III. – Les contrats mentionnés au I peuvent, en tant que de besoin, déroger aux articles L. 421‑3 à L. 421‑5 et L. 421‑11 à L. 421‑16 du code de l’éducation
    1. We know, from the first generation of users,55:26 a person like Frances Yates,55:27 who have been writing about and speaking about later on,55:32 how much the structure of the library55:35 has helped them in defining their topics,55:38 and basically in their research,55:40 and how inspirational it was,

      Frances Yates has apparently indicated how influential Aby Warburg's library and its structure was on her work and research.

      direct reference for this?

    1. Building a minimum viable product (MVP) has become more critical than ever in a world where technology is evolving unprecedentedly. But what exactly is an MVP, and how do you create one that stands out in 2023? In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about How to Build a Minimum Viable Product? and why it’s the key to success.

    1. something so ephemeral as a URL

      Well, they're not supposed to be ephemeral. They're supposed to be as durable as the title of whatever book you're talking about.

    1. Iain McGilchrist for my book, he shared that he views matter as ‘a phase of consciousness’ in a similar way to how ice is a phase of water

      Quote - matter is a phase of consciousness

      Author - Iain McGilchrist

  4. Mar 2023
    1. Or, did you ever see a dog with a marrowbone in his mouth,—the beast of all other, says Plato, lib. 2, de Republica, the most philosophical? If you have seen him, you might have remarked with what devotion and circumspectness he wards and watcheth it: with what care he keeps it: how fervently he holds it: how prudently he gobbets it: with what affection he breaks it: and with what diligence he sucks it. To what end all this? What moveth him to take all these pains? What are the hopes of his labour? What doth he expect to reap thereby? Nothing but a little marrow

      The description of this scene is insinuating on the importance of the little things which I believe is what the author was trying to convey when asking such questions to seeing a dog with a bone. He even refers to Plato at one point who was known as a philosophical speaker who was wise in such ideas. "Plato says that true and reliable knowledge rests only with those who can comprehend the true reality behind the world of everyday experience." (Macintosh) Platos theory of forms suggested that there is a different reality to everything for each person. That would insinuate that for a dog, that bone is big thing worth his time, while as humans, we see the dog with his bone and think "why bother?".

    1. Webflow is a cloud-based platform that enables you to create responsive websites without writing code. With Webflow, you can quickly and easily create a fully functional website in just minutes! In this article, we’ll look at the step-by-step process for How to Build a website with Webflow, plus an overview of the cost involved.

    1. As ajournalist, historian, novelist, and autobiographer, Adams was con-stantly focused on the American experiment, testing a statementoffered by another figure in Democracy: ‘You Americans believe your-selves to be excepted from the operation of general laws. You care notfor experience’ (LA 37–8).

      In Chapter 1: American Exceptionalism of Myth America (Basic Books, 2023) historian David A. Bell indicates that Jay Lovestone and Joseph Stalin originated the idea of American Exceptionalism in 1920, but in Democracy (1880, p.72) Henry Adams seems to capture an early precursor of the sentiment:

      "Ah!" exclaimed the baron, with his wickedest leer, "what for is my conclusion good? You Americans believe yourselves to be excepted from the operation of general laws. You care not for experience. I have lived seventy-five years, and all that time in the midst of corruption. I am corrupt myself, only I do have courage to proclaim it, and you others have it not. Rome, Paris, Vienna, Petersburg, London, all are corrupt; only Washington is pure! Well, I declare to you that in all my experience I have found no society which has had elements of corruption like the United States. The children in the street are corrupt, and know how to cheat me. The cities are all corrupt, and also the towns and the counties and the States' legislatures and the judges. Every where men betray trusts both public and private, steal money, run away with public funds.

      Had a flavor of American Exceptionalism been brewing for decades before Stalin's comment?

    1. Although these approaches may differ, all of them concur onthree essential points:
      • Paraphrase
      • three essential points for having a good life:
        • A good life goes beyond mere survival and moves into a life that humans value
        • A good life ensures that individuals have the opportunity to flourish
        • A good life requires providing the conditions and resources individuals need to satisfy or develop their full potential
    2. Instead of weighing the balance of pleasure and pain,individuals tend to think about a good life in terms of their life beingmeaningful to them

      // - from this perspective, the meaning crisis is a threat to a good life

    3. Often, environmental and social analysts focus on threats, dangers,and damage. They highlight negatives, in terms of limited or non-renewable resources, or the impacts of excessive emissions or effuents.But what if one took the opposite approach and focused on the posi-tives that we want to strive for? We – the authors – believe that everyhuman being, that is you and us and everybody close and far away,wants to be able to live a good life, a life that is worth living. Giventhat the Earth’s resources are limited and distributed highly unevenly,the core objective has to be how everybody can live well within limits.

      // - A key shift is required to mobilize people at scale - This strategy is already being adopted by change agents around the globe but the change in perspective needs to become greater - Living within doughnut economics reaches the same conclusion: https://jonudell.info/h/facet/?max=100&expanded=true&user=stopresetgo&exactTagSearch=true&any=a+good+life+for+all - and currently, as the "Good Life for All" study showed at a national (country) scale, very few if any countries are meeting this requirement - the great inequality implies that the poor must be uplifted materially, whilst the rich must be encouraged to share material and economic wealth - the poor of the world will receive material and economic gain while the economic elites of the world gain nonmaterial wealth

    4. It requiresa deep and profound orientation toward the good life. It requires usto ponder what the good life is, what conditions must be fulflled forindividuals to live it, and what it takes to create these conditions.

      // - Orienting towards the good life is needed to mobilize action. - Why? - Because shifting from a negative vision to a positive one is necessary to mobilize action (at scale) - It is the difference between: - being coerced vs being self-motivated - being reactive vs being proactive - being depressed and lethargic vs being joyful and energetic - hence, in this transition journey, we must accompany the limits with the positive transformation that allows us to achieve wellbeing within them.

    5. By tying the question of limits to human needsand requirements for their satisfaction, they neither demand asceti-cism or renunciation, nor pursue unspecifed moral suasion in termsof “we should consume less.” Rather, they highlight the necessity –diffcult to pursue but rich in participatory rewards – to jointly defnethe conditions necessary to live a good life, and the subsequent stepsnecessary to make such a good life possible for all individuals. By pro-viding freedom to pursue the good life in an ecologically and sociallyfrayed world, these limits offer the beneft of ensuring that all otherindividuals living now and into the future can do so as well.
      • Comment
      • perspective is critical.
      • Rather than employing moral suasion, we need to really define what is meant by a good life.
      • Many of the materially wealthy are emotionally unhappy, and so material wealth does not equate to "a good life"
      • This point must be really understood by the elites of the world.
      • Often elites come from a background of escaping poverty themselves and wealth acts as a pathological buffer against extreme poverty
    6. Justice in the context of consumption corridorsmeans that every person deserves access to a defned minimum level ofecological and social resources necessary to be able to live a good life,solely because they are a human being (what scholars call a natural-law-based perspective on justice).
      • Definition - Natural Law
      • a natural law based perspective of justice claims that every person deserves access to a defined minimum level of ecological and social resources necessary to live a "good life".
    1. //

      • This is a good resource to explore doughnut economics at a national scale for many countries of the world.
      • The two quadrants show a major pattern and dualism between 1) many developed countries that can meet socio-economic well-being, but only at the high price of exceeding planetary boundaries, and 2) many countries that stay under planetary boundary limits, but only at the expense of poor socio-economic indicators.
      • The conclusion of the study is that currently, a good life for all within planet boundaries does not exist
    1. https://www.antinet.org/wooden-antinet-waitlist

      2023-03-06: Noting that the list price on this has now dropped to $495 including shipping. He's also closed the wait list, which I'm guessing was set up to both collect email addresses as well as to test market the demand for such a box at his various price points.

    1. I do think Haraway could have written it in a much more approachable way. The manifesto is using cyborg as a symbol of boundary transgression. So many binary relations are broken down, that of human and animal, men and women, organism and machine, physical and non-physical, reality and culture, the mortal and immortal, because a cyborg could be both. Overall this piece of writing causes more anxiety in me than elation. When the boundaries between human and animal, organism and machine, mortal and immortal all been broken down, what would befall humanities? What changes would it bring to literature writing/studies? It’s been normally agreed that literature is about human conditions, but what becomes literature when human beings in its original sense, which is dismantled by the cyborg myth, won’t exist? The piece is also an attack against traditional feminist position. The idea of a cyborg is supposed to dissolve differences and hierarchies based on gender, race. What about age and class? Wouldn't cyborgs become most efficient capitalist war machines, colonial instruments? Isn’t the concept of “cyborg” itself a hegemonic idea that exclude those who don’t have access to technology? In China, people without a smart phone can’t book a taxi, order takeouts, make a payment in certain business areas, or even enter any public space during the pandemic control period. What about those women, who haven’t gained equal status as a human being in the Enlightenment sense, suddenly being forced into a posthuman era? Isn’t this a violent erasing of the oppression and struggles those women have suffered and endured? Isn’t this breaking down of boundaries often the cause rather than the way out of our sense of dislocation and identity crises?

    1. 1944

      1944 januárjában keletkezett maga a vers. Európa a 2. vh. utolsó éveiben jár, a zsidó népességet már számtalan kegyetlen törvény súlytotta. Radnóti már nem taníthatott, alkalmi munkákból élt, már munkaszolgálatra is többször elvitték.


      Los ambientes educativos se entienden como una construcción diaria y espacio reflexivo los cuales transforman al ser humano, le propician una formación ética de su identidad, y promueven el desarrollo de valores, habilidades y capacidades en los sujetos, para así concebir y tener lugar de su propósito circunscrito: aprender y educarse.

  5. Feb 2023
    1. One online company, Books by the Foot, offers to ‘curate a library that matches both your personality and your space’, promising to provide books ‘based on colour, binding, subject, size, height, and more to create a collection that looks great’.
    1. Nombre de réclamationsreçues* :

      quid du nomre de réclamation vis à vs de la population ?

    2. L’enquête « Accès aux droits » confirme cedécalage conséquent entre les discriminationsressenties ou vécues et les recours engagésauprès de la police, de la justice ou encore duDéfenseur des droits. Parmi les personnesayant déclaré avoir été confrontées à unediscrimination, quel qu’en soit le motif, seules20 % ont entamé une démarche en saisissantune instance de recours [Défenseur des droits2020].
    3. Or, de par les réclamationsdont il est saisi et grâce aux résultats de l’étudeEVASCOL portant sur la scolarisation de cesélèves qu’il a initiée [Armagnague 2019a &2019b],
    4. Selon l’étude del’Observatoire du Samusocial de Paris soutenuepar le Défenseur des droits [Samusocial deParis 2018, Défenseur des droits 2019b], lesadolescents vivant en hôtel social vivent unvéritable parcours du combattant pour entrerà l’école
    5. Éducation nationale

      20,8% c'est assez important

    1. TikTok offers an online resource center for creators seeking to learn more about its recommendation systems, and has opened multiple transparency and accountability centers where guests can learn how the app’s algorithm operates.

      There seems to be a number of issues with the positive and negative feedback systems these social media companies are trying to create. What are they really measuring? The either aren't measuring well or aren't designing well (or both?)...

    2. Where does the line exist for moving from coded language into the space of dog whistles and a "wink and a nod"?

      Do these exist in all cultures?

      What level is contextual?

    1. Scaling a single VCS to hundreds of developers, hundreds of millions lines of code, and a rapid rate of submissions is a monumental task. Twitter’s monorepo roll-out about 5 years ago (based on git) was one of the biggest software engineering boondoggles I have ever witnessed in my career. Running simple commands such as git status would take minutes. If an individual clone got too far behind, it took hours to catch up (for a time there was even a practice of shipping hard drives to remote employees with a recent clone to start out with). I bring this up not specifically to make fun of Twitter engineering, but to illustrate how hard this problem is. I’m told that 5 years later, the performance of Twitter’s monorepo is still not what the developer tooling team there would like, and not for lack of trying.
    2. In very large code bases, it is likely impossible to make a change to a fundamental API and get it code reviewed by every affected team before merge conflicts force the process to start over again.
    1. “...it can be very useful for coming up with ideas out of thin air, essentially. All you need is a little bit of seed text, maybe some notes on a story you've been thinking about or random bits of inspiration and you can hit a button that gives you nearly infinite story ideas.”- Eugenia Triantafyllou

      Eugenia Triantafyllou is talking about crutches for creativity and inspiration, but seems to miss the value of collecting interesting tidbits along the road of life that one can use later. Instead, the emphasis here becomes one of relying on an artificial intelligence doing it for you at the "hit of a button". If this is the case, then why not just let the artificial intelligence do all the work for you?

      This is the area where the cultural loss of mnemonics used in orality or even the simple commonplace book will make us easier prey for (over-)reliance on technology.

      Is serendipity really serendipity if it's programmed for you?

  6. livingbooks.mitpress.mit.edu livingbooks.mitpress.mit.edu
    1. essentializing attributes or properties, such as openness and fluidity, are also accorded to the digital format. I therefore also do not want to claim that the potential for increased collaboration and open forms of publishing will be a guaranteed outcome of “digital innovation.” Experimenting with new forms of communication is hard work, involving more than only the overcoming of technological barriers. As I outline throughout Living Books, it also entails a critical redesign of scholarship. Digital promises and utopias will similarly face scrutiny. It is my intention to examine those aspects that might actually be exciting, experimental, and perhaps more ethical in digital scholarship.

      Habría que preguntarse sobre las prácticas culturas que permiten que esas posiblilidades exitantes se encarnen colectivos humanos. ¿Dónde están esos colectivos?

    1. Many GLAM institutions see it as a part of theirmission to make their collections accessible aswidely and freely as possible

      Esta idea, en términos de datos y apertura a recursos de información, no es muy evidente en algunas acciones de entidades culturales, pensando desde el uso de estándares, interoperabilidad y la posibilidad de acceso y uso por parte de personas.

    1. what it means to be human and in our own humanness explore how do we fit into an every changing, evolving environment in a transforming world and universe. What does it mean to be human.  It appears to be forgotten in this world we live in. A quote from a recent article which I wrote "Recreating a  world of wonder" "But, somehow, we have lost our sense of wonder, buried our curiosity, and gravitated into a quagmire of deception, misbelief, and angry fear, fed to us by those who wish to control everything, as if that were even possible."

      Recreating a world of wonder - What does it mean to be human?

    1. L'affichage des coordonnées des associations de parents d'élèves est-il obligatoire ? Oui. Dans chaque établissement scolaire, la liste des associations de parents d'élèves, avec mention des noms et coordonnées des responsables, doit être affichée dans un lieu accessible au public. Il en est de même pour la liste des fédérations, unions ou associations de parents d'élèves représentées au Conseil supérieur de l'éducation et aux conseils académiques et départementaux de l'Éducation nationale.
    2. Elle peut obtenir, à titre gratuit de la part de l’État ou des collectivités territoriales, du matériel informatique qui n'est plus utilisé.
    1. Enseignements artistiques :Élaboration des schémas départementaux de développementdes enseignements artistiques dans les domaines de lamusique, de la danse et de l’art dramatique qui définissentl’organisation du réseau des enseignements artistiques et lesmodalités de participation financière des départements
    2. Consultation sur l’implantation d’établissementsd’enseignement supérieur
    3. Définition, après avis du conseil départemental de l’éducationnationale, de la localisation des collèges publics, de leurcapacité d’accueil, de leur secteur de recrutement et du moded’hébergement des élèves en tenant compte de critèresd’équilibre démographique, économique et social
    4. Responsabilité du fonds départemental d’aide aux jeunes endifficulté
    5. Les actions visant au développement social
    6. La mise en œuvre de la mesure d’accompagnementsocial personnalisé (MASP) instituée par la loi du 5 mars 2007 surla protection juridique des majeurs
    7. de « contribution à la mise en œuvre du développement del'apprentissage de manière équilibrée sur son territoire » (L6121-1 ducode du travail)
    8. définition des objectifs particuliers de santé, ainsi que ladétermination et la mise en œuvre des actions correspondantes

      Il est donc légitime de solliciter la région sur ces questions au sein du CRIDF

    9. participation aux différentes commissions exécutives des agencesrégionales de santé
  7. Jan 2023
    1. This seems to have an interesting relation to the tradition of wassailers and "luck visitors" traditions or The Christmas Mummers (1858). The song We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Roud Folk Song Index #230 and #9681) from the English West Country (Cornwall) was popularized by Arthur Warrell (1883-1939) in 1935. It contains lyrics "We won't go until we get some" in relation to figgy pudding and seems very similar in form to Mari Lwyd songs used to gain access to people's homes and hospitality. An 1830's version of the song had a "cellar full of beer" within the lyrics.

      I'm curious if the Roud Folk Song Index includes any Welsh songs or translations that have similar links? Perhaps other folk song indices (Child Ballads?) may provide clues as well?

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPqjgN-pNDw

      When did the switch in commonplace book framing did the idea of "second brain" hit? (This may be the first time I've seen it personally. Does it appear in other places?) Sift through r/commonplace books to see if there are mentions there.

      By keeping one's commonplace in an analog form, it forces a greater level of intentionality because it's harder to excerpt material by hand. Doing this requires greater work than arbitrarily excerpting almost everything digitally. Manual provides a higher bar of value and edits out the lower value material.

    1. Recommandation 8. Inscrire l’éducation à la sexualité dans les projets académiques et les projetsd’établissement
    2. Recommandation 24. Systématiser les bilans annuels à tous les niveaux, local, départemental, académique.
    3. Recommandation 23. Établir, dans chaque établissement, un tableau récapitulant les actions menées surl’éducation à la sexualité en interne et avec les intervenants extérieurs, leur durée, leur financement, et levolume horaire consacré
    4. Recommandation 18. Inciter les établissements scolaires à monter des projets liés à l’éducation à la sexualitéet les proposer, le cas échéant, dans le cadre des appels à projets faits par exemple par les collectivitésterritoriales
    5. mesure n° 2 du plan de lutte contre les violences faites aux enfants 2020-2022
    6. L’EAS a fait l’objet d’un certain nombre de rapports (en particulier ceux du Haut Conseil à l’égalité entre les femmes et les hommes, du Haut Conseil de la santé publique, du défenseur des droits en 2016 et 2019) qui ont regretté son manque d’efficacité et d’effectivité. En 2018, un rapport élaboré par l’inspection générale de l’éducation nationale (intégrée ensuite à l’IGÉSR) a dressé un état des lieux en milieu scolaire dans le premier et le second degrés.
    7. ’EAS est désormais considérée comme une composante de la construction de la personne et de l’éducation du citoyen.
    8. en lien étroit avec le ministère de la santé et les autres ministères chargés de l’égalité et de la protection de l’enfance et en collaboration avec les collectivités territoriales.
    9. En raison de l’absence de représentants de l’IGAS, la mission, composée seulement de deux inspectrices générales de l’IGÉSR, a vu son ambition et son périmètre considérablement réduits

      Le croisement éducatif, social et sanitaire est essentiel pour traiter de sujets transverses

    1. 2. Les Etats parties prennent toutes les mesures appropriées pour veiller à ce que la discipline scolaire soit appliquée d'une manière compatible avec la dignité de l'enfant en tant qu'être humain et conformément à la présente Convention

      article 28 alinéa 2

    1. 个人学习可能取决于他人行为的主张突出了将学习环境视为一个涉及多个互动参与者的系统的重要性
    1. The hypothesis of linguistic relativity, also known as the Sapir–Whorf hypothesis /səˌpɪər ˈwɔːrf/, the Whorf hypothesis, or Whorfianism, is a principle suggesting that the structure of a language influences its speakers' worldview or cognition, and thus people's perceptions are relative to their spoken language.


      link to Toki Pona as a conlang

      Link to https://hypothes.is/a/6Znx6MiMEeu3ljcVBsKNOw We shape our tools and thereafter they shape us.

    1. La Défenseure des droits recommande denouveau au Gouvernement de proscrirele placement en zone d’attente pour lesmineurs non accompagnés étant entenduqu’aujourd’hui, toute personne se déclarantmineure en zone d’attente doit se voir nommerun administrateur ad hoc « sans délais », avantmême toute contestation ou remise en causede son âge.La Défenseure des droits recommandeégalement de faire évoluer la législationpour proscrire dans toutes circonstances leplacement de familles avec enfants en centrede rétention administrative

      Recommandadion 29

    1. You could find yourself learning how buildings and structures are put together, as well as the guidelines and building requirements that govern the industry.